How is it humanly possible that I still feel

Such a sisterly connection to you

After all these years?

Looking at the television screen

In sheer disbelief

That the girl in the Russian hat and trench coat was me

Two whole years ago

And that the girl in the pink China dress

With the fluffy, pink boa and crimped hair

Moved away a whole two years ago

How can it be that time stole you away?

With its greedy talons

Time swooped down and snatched you up

Took you and dropped you off somewhere else

A place without a trace of me

To remind you of the time we shared

A clean slate

Blank canvas

And I'd like to think you have a few more colors on your palette

Thanks to me

But as far as where I am goes

I'm stuck here

Dirty canvas

Littered with memories and mistakes

Scars turned useful

Scars in the process of becoming numb

Scars still throbbing with pain

Even some blatantly open wounds

Gushing emotions

Major arteries sliced

So much of what I'm surrounded with

Is a reflection of you

Of us

The non-biological sisters we are

And still are, I hope

Tell me something

When you hear one of our favorite songs on the radio

Do you think of me?

Do you long to be with me to share that moment

Where you are struck by the drug that is nostalgia?

Can you believe it was a whole three years ago

When we first met?
Can you believe it was a whole two years ago

When we said our final goodbye?