Land of the Rising Sun

It's all swell over there

Land of the brilliant rising sun

Tell me now, is it always so?

Is that sun of yours always rising?

Never sinking below that horizon, your spirits are high

Or so you imply

Sure things go wrong, but nothing major

Or so you write

Tell me now

Give me the truth

Is your every day so glorious and sunny

With the splendor of optimism blinding you from tears?

Tell me now

Tell me how this is possible

Can your every emotion be laced with such gentleness

That you feel compelled to deal me fluffy anecdotes?

Tell me now

Explain how this all works

I care about the silly, unimportant little phrases

Really, I do

But I miss you confiding in me

We were so incredibly close

We knew absolutely everything

Now, it's as if I'm writing to an acquaintance

Stop displacing my sun with yours

'Cause it's all swell over there

Land of the ever-rising sun

Of course, I am skeptical towards this concept

Tell me now, is it always so?

Is your sun always rising?