Will I?

When I wake up a year from now

Where will I be?

Will I be here, where I've pretty much been my whole life

About to go to school

See all my friends

The ones the keep me going?

Or maybe I'll be way up north

Dreaming of a snow day that'll never come

Despite the abundance of "white stuff" out on the roads

Perhaps I'll be down south

Just wishing for any kind of coldness at all

Knowing it'll never happen

I could be in the middle of the country

Miles away from everything I know

Maybe the west

Closer to some relatives

Although far away from all the rest

Closer to one friend

Farther from all the rest

Will I wake up in my room with the annoying floral border?
Or will I awake to find a plain wall before me?

Will my carpet be gray-white?

Or will I even have carpet?

Is my door going to be the dumbest shade of blue ever?

Or will it be cute and pretty?

Will I wake up semi-together

Or totally broken?