Eleanor smirked as she walked through the southern gate, which happened to be left open through out the evenings. She was free, and all because she was a virgin… or because the towns' people decided she was a virgin… Which she was.

Looking around for any person who might have already gotten themselves drunk enough to be outside, and there were none, she raised her fist and made a rude jester toward the nobles housing area.

"Take that you stuck up bastards!" These words were followed up with a few well-chosen profanities that would make a sea sailor proud… or so she hoped they would. They at least made a thief proud.

"Should I be asking what those words meant to you humans?" The dragon asked as he landed behind her. He was smirking again… or smiling. Eleanor couldn't bring herself to look at him long enough to tell which one it was.

"No… I would prefer you not to ask." Eleanor blushed again… she would have to work on that; she did not want to be portrayed as a virgin just by her blushing. How did men hide their virginity? You could never tell when a man was a virgin… if that was possible with them, its like they were born knowing the secret art of 'how not to act like a virgin'.

"Curious. Well then, we will be off, grab my hand I'm going to shift." The dragon said as he held out a clawed hand toward her.

"Shift?" Eleanor held out her hand when no answer was given. It was probably one of the stupidest things she had ever done. Let it be known that if you don't understand something, make sure you get an answer first, before you give them your hand.

"I think I'm going to be sick… no… I know I'm going to be sick." And with these words, which would forever be stuck in the dragon's head as something to look back on in amusement, Eleanor took three steps to her left and vomited, all over another person.

"I think she likes you Narcross. She's marking her territory… with her stomach waste. Wait no that can't be right… Milord, I thought animals used their pee to mark territories." A feminine voice suddenly perked up.

When Eleanor found the strength to finally stop her stomach from rolling she looked up to a broad chest clothed in a fine cotton cloak that must have cost a bit. She dimly remembered stealing something made of the same fabric, but this happened to be a shirt, and it caught quite a nice penny. Looking further she noticed long black hair that seemed to be blending in with the shadows due to the lack of light, a long neck, sharp chin… aristocrat features with glaring deep brown eyes that seemed to be turning red.

"Shannara, if you have the slightest bit of a brain in your head you would shut up right now before I kill you." The one named Narcross said softly. Eleanor winced, she had a feeling that she should have taken three steps in front of her. Shannara seemed to be much nicer person.

"But I don't have the slightest bit brain, I have a whole brain! I just don't use most of it." Shannara burst out laughing merrily, even with the threat of death over her head. "Oh my god. Silver you have to remember that one for me. I need to use it again! That was great!"

"I am so sorry! I did not mean to… do that! I mean, he just said we were going to shift without telling me what that meant, and then when we just… well… I am so sorry!" Eleanor took a few steps backwards. Maybe she should try to buy time again? On second thought she clearly remembered how that did not work out with the dragon, and she was not going to try it again but with an unknown man.

"Aw, see! She was telling you she was sorry! I remember when Ralph got sick on my bed, now I know it was because he was sorry for eating my dinner!" Shannara cried out happily. Eleanor stared at the young woman who had just spoken.

She wasn't pretty, but there was something that made you stare at her (and not because of her lack of sense), something attractive. She wore her hair in deep red curls that reached her shoulders while framing her well filled out face. She had laughing brown eyes, rosy cheeks, a smile that was a variation of a mischievous and an amused one. And was pretty short, probably just reaching a horses back.

Narcross glared at her he didn't sit up from his chair as he was covered in… well, we all know what was in the puddle on his lap. Eleanor winced as she wiped her mouth, the fowl taste at the back of her throat didn't go away.

The dragon who had previously been silent let loose a small chuckle, which pretty much explained why he was so quiet. His hand, which was covered by his robe, was covering his mouth. You could still see his smile though as his cheeks were raised around his eyes.

"As much as it amuses me to watch everyone have first impressions, I must be going. Narcross, don't kill her, she's mine. Shannara, please let her feel comfortable. Oh, I haven't learned your name!" The dragon looked shocked for a moment before he turned questionably toward Eleanor.

"My name is Eleanor… I don't have a last name. I'm an orphan." A sudden gasp from Shannara caught her attention.

"Really! You're an orphan! But Lord Silver brought you here, so therefore you are not an orphan, but a… umm… adoptee? No… I bloody hate English! There are no expressive words." Shannara paused. " Well this is my mate… but you humans call them husbands for some reason, why did you call your mate Huz Bands? Anyway my mate Emperor of the demons, and Shadows, Supreme Ruler of the Dark Lands, yada yada yada and then somewhere after three pages you get Narcross. You get the point right? He's some important person who makes death threats and takes revenge to heart. This is Lord Silver, who you have met already. He's Prince and Heir to the Dragons, and a few other titles that I forgot! So all you have to do is remember me! My name is Shannara. I'm a pixie."

Narcross made a small noise, which oddly resembled a snort. With a wave of his hands the… mess, disappeared, and he got up. " Shannara," His lips tightened into a thin line, "I am about to retire. Take care of your business, and return home. Good day Lord Silver… Human" And with that he walked up to a shadow and disappeared. Lord Silver followed his example and once again shifted, the mere thought of the word sent shivers down her spine, and left for his poor unsuspecting dinner.

"I'm really sorry about getting sick on you're mate! It was my first time… shifting. I wasn't expecting the sudden jolt?" It was hard to explain shifting. It was almost as if your whole body is moving at top speed down a road that twisted and turned, each time you hit a curve in the road, your stomach would keep going straight while the rest of you turned. Not only was it terrifying but it was well, for lack of better word, jolting.

"Pixies don't like shifting… nope." Shannara's face twisted into a grimace as she remembered something. " I haven't shifted since… except when I'm nervous! Then I shift a whole lot and Narcross gets annoyed with me… but that's a different kind of shifting… Humans do it a lot."

"Oh…. So you're a pixie… I thought you were supposed to be shorter… like in inches." Eleanor said trying to make conversation.

"I know isn't that strange! I thought humans were supposed to have fangs, fuzz all over them, and then eight legs… while being shorter… in millimeters…" Shannara paused thinking slightly tilting her head, "You know that sounds awfully familiar… I think I saw one once."

"Yes it's called a spider." Eleanor said, Shannara was either a really good actor, kindly telling me off for saying she should be shorter, or she was naturally this empty headed. Sadly Eleanor was hoping for the first one.

"Really… don't know why I would mix you guys up. Hey! We should be friends!" Shannara jumped up and grabbed Eleanor's hand. "But first lets get you cleaned up. I don't like being friends with people who smell like vomit. But then you got sick on Narcross and not the furniture so I'll forgive you." She stopped suddenly, "Wait, no, I didn't mean it that way! Stupid English… oh what the hell, Narcross is always better then the furniture."

"So are you living here long? If not you can come with me, but Narcross might get mad at you a lot." Shannara turned down a corner. "Here's the bathroom. Narcross and me always come here to relax and get away from all those idiots in the castle, so I know everything about this place."

"As long as Lord Silver allows me, or as long as my knowledge of humans keeps him happy…" Eleanor sighed.

"Not very surprising. Dragons love learning things. Most humans runaway from them, or will try to kill them first. It's rare to get anything but rumors or second hand information. Other dragons, the lower species, that's dragons that don't have human forms or any real thought, eat humans because they can't tell you apart from cattle." Shannara stared sadly at the wall, "You know your name sounds like a cities name or an herb. I like my name, you can't mistake Shannara with anything!"

"Except your twin's name, Shannora." Lord Silver laughed as he walked through the door. Eleanor couldn't see him as the stone wall blocked the view but she new he was smirking.

"Shut up you old man! I am so not mature, overly serious, I-don't-want-to-act-like-a-real-pixie of a sister. Sheesh, what an insult… but she does look mighty fine with purple shirts." Eleanor quickly looked at Shannara's purple tunic and hid a smile.

"And she's such a copy c- no… that's my refection, sorry I mix those too up." Shannara said this with a straight face and serious voice (which was odd for Shannara's personality of which she had seen.) that Eleanor quickly ran into the washroom and closed the door so that she could laugh.

"Bye Eleanor! I'm glad to be your friend and I'll see you in the morning, bright and early!"

Eleanor groaned, early was not in her vocabulary, being an orphan meant that you had no set time to wake up and all the older orphans, who taught you how to read or write, didn't wake up till at least twelve o'clock. Shannara certainly had time on her hands.

Washing her face and mouth, well she washed her mouth twice, she walked back out to see Lord Silver sitting in a chair by the fire reading. Feeling much like an intruder she stayed still and waited for him to acknowledge that she was there.

"This is your house to now. You may sit down at any point if you wish." Lord Silver looked up from his book and smiled while waving his had at a seat to his right. "Come."

"Thank you." Eleanor quickly sat down, suddenly aware that she was sitting in the same room as a very good-looking man… or dragon. Out on the streets she had never really cared for men, it could very well have been because men never really… groomed themselves like both Narcross and Lord Silver.

"Here." Lord Silver pulled a ring off one of his fingers and handed it to her. Staring blankly she looked up puzzled. "It states my claim, tells other dragons, and creatures that you are… under my protection."

Eleanor looked at the very expensive ring as she reached for it timidly. Damnit, she was acting more and more like a bloody virgin. He handed it to her and smiled, the ring was made of a hard white stone she had never seen before, and that was saying something as she was one of the most skilled thieves in the city. It had a slivery blue stone set in the shape of a sphere, with a silver claw holding it in place.

"What is it made of? I have seen neither stone before." Eleanor asked before she could think over anything.

"White opal, with the a Mive stone. The Mive stone is used to hold onto a spell for long periods of time without the caster using up their magic. This stone holds a protection spell. Opal is used to increase the spells power. White opal in particular shows that there is no ill will in the stone. Keep your eye on the opal. If it changes to black, then someone with more power then myself has tampered with it. If that happens take it off quickly."

"Thank you." Eleanor felt her thief side start to count the amount of gold she could get off it before she shut it up.

"Tomorrow Shannara will arrive, fear not, Narcross is probably giving her Tea with a sleeping potion added. She wont be awake until at least ten o'clock. I will see you in the afternoon, as I will be busy with Narcross. The kitchen is through that door. I believe Shannara usually keeps the ice box full of food for when she visits." He got up and walked toward the stairs. "Your bedroom is around that corner where he washroom was, it's just across the hall."

"Thanks." Eleanor smiled to herself, Lady fate was in hysterics. She had made a fool of herself in front of an Emperor and his mate… who was odd… and then just found herself in a very nice house… cabin… something.

When she found her room she saw the dressing gown lying on the bed pillows and dressed her self quickly. This was the going to be her first bed to sleep in. While an orphan she had slept on hay and sometimes dirt and trash, so this was a big difference. Feeling like she should savior the moment she took a deep breath and laughed quietly. Most people wouldn't think twice before jumping on the bed and sleeping. Slipping in the bed she found herself sleep almost immediately.

Queen of the Storms

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