Good Night, Yeah Right!

My story begins in school, great huh? I know if the story starts off in school it tends to get…well… boring. Hate to break it to you, for me school is never boring. My name is Lindsey. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I'm 13, and my birthday is in 3 days so you can say I'm almost 14. My birthday is on the night before Halloween, my favorite holiday. Well, I should tell you some thing about my life. I have a sister named Carly; she's eight and has blond hair and blue eyes. She gets what ever she wants, because she's sooooooo cute, that lying, blabber-mouthed little witch. Lindsey, relax, clam down, no use to lose control. What? So I talk to myself; it's not like I'm a total nutcase. My mom stays at home, and my dad works at an ice cream parlor (he's the boss). Anyway, it's called Fred's Frozen Treats. It's the best we have in Orlando, and since my family lives just across the street from it we get to go here once a week. I love horror stories, and I think my Uncle Bob got me hooked on them. Ever since I was seven, I couldn't put the horror novels and mystery books down. That causes a really big problem and that's not the only thing. I get in trouble because some times you can say I have a short attention span. Well, here's where my story begins.

On a normal day, I was in the middle of science when, "Lindsey what are you doing? How many times do I have to tell you no more reading in class?" Yep, 14th time she said that this week! This happens in almost every class, so don't worry. I bet all my teachers wonder how I get straight A's, since I don't listen to just about every thing they say! I just hope that I don't get detention! Later on at home, my favorite place, I took out my book 101 Bone Chilling Horror Stories and started to read. I read mostly all the time. You see, I do watch TV, like a normal human, but I'm not glued to it like Carly. Like she'll say, "Lynn did you see what was on TV?" and if I was like reading for a few hours, I'd be like; "Oh we have a TV?" Back at school I decided it would be safer to read in reading class. I wonder why I never thought of that earlier? If the science teacher saw me reading in class again I'd be dead.

So later on, after school, at night about 8:00 pm, I heard this creepy voice calling, "Lynn, Lynn, Lynn come out, come out!" I closed my eyes in fear forcing myself to fall asleep. I was asleep for like an hour, and then I woke up on a space ship, a real one! On it was a tape recorder and I pushed play to see what would happen. It said, "Worthless human! I decided to tell you I shall give you a chance to save your weak planet!" Since I had read all those stories I figured out it was from another planet or galaxy. The key words are "weak planet" and "worthless human." At that point I was really confused, like my mind was playing tricks on me. So, I started talking to myself, "Come on Lynn pull yourself together; when you open your eyes you'll be in your room - Ahhh!" I screamed as I plunged to my death into the night sky and slowly my roof opened up and I thought, "I'm not gonna die! I'll land in my bed PLOP…or maybe not! Uhh, my head! Where am I? Wait, I'm alive? I'M ALIVE!" At that point I felt too weak to move and that my head would explode if I tried, but I struggled into my bed and fell asleep. In the morning I awoke to my sister Carly pounding on my door, "Lynn Mommy says you gotta wake up, LYNN!" "Oh I'm awake, I'm awake!" I groaned. All I could think of was that space ship and that this was all just too weird, even for me. I had to get to the bottom of this. Wait, I just remembered I got a new CD - that can wait! See ya!

"Carly give it to me you little weasel!'' I shouted. "Lynn, you're such a mean big sister! I knew I should have locked the door!" Carly yelled in my face. "Fine Carly you have five more minutes to listen to that CD!" I sharply replied. She'll have to be nice to me tomorrow, my birthday. My mom finally gave in to letting me have a dog! Wow, years of pestering really paid off! Back to the story. It was the middle of the night, when I heard a creepy noise and I forgot where I was. So I screamed, "I didn't do it Mrs. Larson; it's all Timmy's fault! Oh Carly you scared me." "Lynn what was that all about?" my little sister asked. "I have been reading for such along time I forgot where I was." I explained. "Lynn, I had a bad dream; will you read me a bedtime story? One about a beautiful princess named Carly. Please, pretty please with sugar on top and Daddy's ice cream in the middle? Please, bestest sister in the whole wide world!" She begged. "Ok Carly!" I said sleepily

When she was asleep I brought her to her room. Later I went into my room and fell asleep. In the morning I woke up and remembered it was my birthday and got ready for school. At school I was totally bored; it was horrible. The science teacher caught me reading and I got in trouble for not paying attention to her boring lecture on tooth brushes so I got detention. Well at detention I had to write a report on why I didn't listen. Hope you like it.

Why I Didn't Listen

By, Lindsey

I didn't listen because the teacher got off topic, again, for the 5th time today. She decided to talk about tooth brushes, how to hold and make them. After the 3rd sentence I got bored and started to read. I was half-way done with my book when Peggy, the queen of tattle tales, saw me reading. I think that girl wants me out of this school, or she's out to get me! Take your pick. Any way when the teacher finished two hours later, Peggy told on me, obviously! So the teacher found out and I got detention.


So what did ya think? I think it needs some work but…oh well. Later on at home, I was reading and got really into my book and wait a minute today's my birthday! "Ma what time is it? Mom, hello. Any one? Where are you people?" Well you see every year on my birthday I get my presents after dinner and I was wondering when I'd get my present and my dinner. "Ok, this isn't funny. Fine I'll look at the clock. Only 7:00? First detention now no dinner! What did I ever do to deserve this?" I complained even though no one heard me. Then I heard, "Help, help Mom, Dad, Lynn, somebody help I'm scared and there's a monster in my room!!"

It was Carly, so I rushed to the room the door was locked. I tried to break it down on the 3rd time the door came crashing down. "Uhh, my head" I groaned. Then I meet the hideous creature face-to-face. It was a pale green with an extremely large head, these dark evil eyes just staring at you. Seeing right through you! Knowing all your fears and other secrets you've tried so hard to exile from the world. I got Carly away from him and started to take swings at him with her metal softball bat. I hit him on both feet and when he was near her open window, I pushed him out. Then closed it on his fingers and he fell down. Since Carly's room along with mine is on the 2nd floor that had to hurt. I asked Carly what happened she told me that when Mom came in to play princess with her she turned in to that scary monster.

At that moment, I figured out that the monster was a shape shifter. So I had to think fast and get Carly out of there. So, I called Grandma. Lucky me grandma said ok and was coming right over. Grandma was over in 5 minutes and took Carly to safety after I explained the situation. I had enough time to find the spacecraft, and it had started to fly away, but it was only 3 ft. up, I jumped in just enough time. I broke in through an open window. When I found that evil thingy and my parents, I just hoped it wasn't too late. I walked into a dark hallway. When the alien walked by I sent my heel down on his foot. I was so glad I wore high heels. And he turned around and said "Fool, who dares to mess with me. Your parents and that little earth girl of yours are supposed to go to my planet as slaves! Since that little girl is gone you can take her place!'' said the creature. "And I think …… Not!" I sharply replied. So I grabbed a pole lying on the ground and used it as a shield. All he had was a crowbar. I hit him three or four times with all my might and then out of the blue, he hit me on the head so hard I became unconscious. After a few minutes or so I woke up. When I regained my strength, the alien thought I was still down because he wasn't paying much attention to me and was babbling on about something. WHACK, I hit him on the head. This was the gross part: I had to drag him to the window, push the window open, push him out of it, close the window fast as possible, and free my parents. (I have to do every thing!) I think since we were moving, the alien landed on the sun. When I got back to Earth I got my puppy and we called Grandma up and told her to come to Dad's ice cream parlor to celebrate my courageous efforts that saved Earth and my birthday, duh.

Now every thing is back to normal, or somewhat close to normal. If that thing comes back, I'll be ready. Oh yeah, I still get in trouble in school - go figure. Nobody believes me. They say I've been reading too many horror stories. Anyway, that's my story. "Lindsey first reading, now yip-yap problems! I knew I shouldn't have let you sit next to the new girl. What am I going to do with you Lindsey? Lizzie…dear if she bothers you just tell me." my science teacher said. See, told you everything is back to normal and my puppy, her name is Holly, is so cute! "Lindsey be quiet! So I can get to my JUICE BOX lecture; you're stalling the class!" My teacher said grumpily. I better get reading if I want to live through this class! "Lindsey either you be quiet, or you take a seat in detention!"

Later! (The End)