hey lover / stranger

have you looked at her lately?


her m e r m a i d pools of green

set on the face glittery alligator scale-tears

golden sunshine shimmer washed away-

like sand in her bed

she's all raw and the salt water's stinging


upanddown her ballerina-d r e a m-girl cut-up just-shaved legs

and licking

the arches of her blistered-bleeding white-washed feet

she dropped her silver things

and your silver ring

to the watery depths


and even if you drained her margarita bath (suffocating-in-here)

if you breathed your peppermint tongue / soul into her fantasy-lagoon mouth

if you begged her to open up her snowglobe eyes-

with your tears running down your jawline (oh she loved to kiss it inch. by. inch.) like mother of pearls from the depths

of her soul

even if you smashed your bottles (filled with vodka&tears&lies&screams& most of all hurts)

onto the teardrop puddle-d sloshy streets (her eyes s h o n e with them once)

even if you kissed her feet or her aching thighs

or left butterfly eyelashes on her candy apple lips

like sweet souvenirs

you're a mighty good actor, boy

but you just can't be my peter pan