Rainfall (Acoustic)

V: Rain on a tin roof like teardrops on a broken heart, I forgot I never knew you. Listening to the rain fall, I felt like believing in everything I had already given up on.

CH: Cold and unyielding, but I've always felt safe, in the rain from a gray October sky. The sound of the rainfall always takes away mt heartache and when it's over, the sun is always there. Yeah, it's always there

V: I only wanted to be loved but you told me it was impossible. And I gave up on all of my dreams because my heart burned for some care to be mine for once in my life.

BR: The skies fall down on the rooftops of my little world, and they're crying for our dying dreams. The path is never arrow straight and we keep on searching but we'll never find our way. And the skies will keep crying, their teardrops called the rain, and I'll keep drying my eyes.