Regretful Night:

So now it was all over. Maybe she had wanted something more to happen, but she really had no control over it.

The night had gone smoothly. Her friends had come over to do her hair, make up, all that girly stuff that she had just never seemed to understand. They had primped and preened her, making her look "hot", as they had said.

Maybe it sounded egotistical to say it, but she felt it, and had to admit that maybe, just maybe, she looked the part.

A side-swept fringe and an up-do of curls, piled precariously on her head made her really feel different, as if she was finally worth something.

Casting superficial values aside, she only hoped that people saw her as her, the real her, the one that was always stuck behind a computer, typing furiously away.

In other words, a nerd.

But maybe just for a night...

As she had neared the venue, she had taken one last look at herself in the car's rear view mirror. She had nervously gripped her small black, sequined clutch and walked up to the front entrance.

She had heard people whispering as they noticed her walking up.

"Who's that?", then "Woah, shit, is that Abby?"

She couldn't help by smile to herself, and giving the speakers a wave.

She wasn't used to so much attention for how she looked. It felt good, as if she was entering a world that she had never really had time for.

She had ooh-ed, aah-ed and oh-my-gosh-ed with them, over every little thing in particular. She had to say that she quite enjoyed being the centre of attention for a while.

Some more of her friends had arrived, and she had walked over to them, brushing carelessly against his back.

Too late, she had sensed him turn around to look after her, but she was already preoccupied with more gushing.

Photos had been taken, too many for her liking maybe, and she had kept seeing him.

Then finally, they had been ushered inside, the dimly lit room strewn with balloons, and several white tables placed strategically across the room. At the front there was a dance floor, and she had felt that sinking feeling... what if he didn't ask her to dance?

She had taken a seat, beside her friend. There had been drama for a while, over who was to sit where, but in the end it had turned out alright, and she could sense that maybe it didn't really matter anyway.

He had stepped up to her left.

"Can I sit here?" he had asked, gesturing towards the empty seat.

She had nodded slightly, careful not to give too much away.

They were friends. And she liked it that way.

Soon, it had been time for food and they had been ushered to the buffet as a table. She had stood behind him, talking softly to her friend, before helping herself to some of the gourmet dishes that were presented in front of them.

They had settled back in their seats and as she ate, she kept brushing against his arm.

More photo opportunities had arisen, and several of the guys had randomly asked her and her friend for photos. "School sluts" they had called themselves. It was different really, and she wasn't used to it all. A small part of her had wondered if she had only been asked because of her friend, but she had decided to cast that aside and just be.

The dancing had honestly not been her thing, or her friend's, so they were content to sit on the sidelines, taking snapshots of the moshing and the dancing.

Several slow songs came up, and she couldn't help but glance over at him. He was content to sit on the stage and sing.

She had stayed put for most of the night, and had been a little shocked when he had put out his hand to ask her to dance. Months ago she might have accepted and taken his hand, but now it was different. She glanced around the room looking for a certain pair of eyes. She had to say no, even if he wasn't watching.

His face had fallen, and she felt bad, and then confused. Why had he even asked her to dance in the first place? So she had gotten up, intending to hug him and apologise. Then she had sat back down.

But apparently everyone but her thought that she was going to dance with him.

And so for the remainder of the night she had felt bad, so much so that she went to talk to him. And had agreed to dance with him for the next slow song.

Walking around, taking photos, she constantly saw him, just wishing that he would ask her to dance.

But she knew it wouldn't happen.

By the end of her night, her feet were killing her, and she had leaned on the railings outside, waiting for her dad to pick her up. No after parties for her.

She had been able to see him from where she was standing, but he was with his friends and she had known that he wouldn't come over to talk to her, not with them around.

She had sighed and watched as other guys crowded near her, but not necessarily acknowledging her. It had seemed that at the close of the night, she was going back to behind the shadows. Several of her guy friends had remarked that she looked good, and she had smiled gratefully as they pulled their girlfriends closer to them.

Still she had sighed, waiting... Then he had come over, cautiously.

"You alright to get home?" he asked concerned.

She nodded.

Then he has just stood there, waiting with her. He carried the conversation on with is friends, but he didn't move.

Looking down the driveway, she had seen her dad pull in.

"I've got to go," she had said quietly.

He had nodded, something unreadable in his eyes.

Then she had walked away and stepped into the car.

And now here she was, driving home, just wishing that she had said something. Maybe wishing that she had danced with him when he had asked.

But between the two of them... how was she to choose?

People had said that tonight was going to be one of the best nights of her life.

So why did she feel like crying?


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