Caught up in your reigns
Feels a little funny
But I don't wanna die with a bullet in the belly!

All across the world, men in suits always make the show
Pointing fingers to toy army men, tellin' 'em where to go
Africa, Central America – visit where you please
But my ballot ain't so good with a bullet in the belly

My voice don't speak too well when I choke blood
My opinion doesn't matter when truncheons beat me down
Man – I gotta' brain – but the government has cops
Man – I gotta' vote – but didn't expect riot squads

All across the world, wherever you stay
Bullets in the belly underneath the superficial feign
Because it's always a few more years and a few more rights
But I'm straight-up aching with all these bullets in sight

Aw, caught up in your reigns
Tied down by your chains
Tried to undue the lock
I've got lead in my stomach


All across the world, I'm seeing the scenes
The people campaigning for humanity ousted by their own regimes
Well, it's Western foreign policy, supporting democratic efforts
Well it's not too conceivable when we're shot down by Mubarak

It's not too believable, President Bush
When you're corrupting Venezuela with your government funds
It's not too believable, Mr. Dick Cheney
When Iraqis are freer because of more bullets in their bellies

It's not too believable, countries of the world
Whether in Eastern Europe or all across Asia
Because we've made our side known and still we're toiling
We don't even get to vote fairly in any country

I don't wanna roll with men decked in gold
Images that were followed until they sold our souls
And we've got no choice but to bleed and attack
Better a bullet in the belly than a bullet in the back!

But it makes you wonder and marvel at this
Why is it that these conditions already exist?
It's because we've been dying on the battlefield all our lives
Tricked by the authorities to do what they like

I'm not no puppet and we aren't dupes
And we'll make you see your bullets only vindicate the truth
That the struggle exists, because you've coerced us to partake in the lie
No more false votes for men in suits; no more bullets to fly