Alex looked into the night sky as the snow fell down on his dark trench coat. He pulled it closer together and let out a cold sigh and watched the vapor from his breath float upward. He had been walking in the park for some time. He knew that things would never be the same. He bent over and brushed the snow off of a park bench and sat down. Images of families gathering around a decorated Christmas tree laughing and sharing stories filled Alex's mind. For a moment, he thought he could almost see a light in the darkness that surrounded him. He thought of the people that he had left behind. The friends he had left behind. They had told him to stay, told him not to go. But that didn't matter. He knew that they would be better off without him -- it was his time to move on. Motion on the ground caught Alex's eyes. It was a small white dove. It looked directly at him as he watched it's motionless body. "What are you doing out in the cold, little bird? Shouldn't you be with your family?" The bird then leaped from the ground and flew into the darkness leaving Alex alone in the cold.