The Never Lover

Within this sweet bliss
I'm feeling the shame
It feels so good, between my skin
But it feels so wrong, within my heart
My body's saying yes
But my heart says nothing
I mustn't continue
I mustn't go on
Everything's spinning
We've had too much to drink
Now we think we want it
But we don't
No, we don't
"Yeah, I want you baby
I want you don't shy away"

I'm a sucker for a sweet talker
And I'm coming your way
Now I'm in too deep
Head's still spinning
Do I want it, do I want you?
It's so hot
So sticky,
There's too much to stop now
"come on baby, love me like I love you"
and I'm thinking it's real
I'm thinking it's real
He knows deep down I don't want it
But he's hard
He wants it bad
Needs it
Or he'll explode with anger
Take it out on the girl who felt used
I feel used now
He doesn't love me;
Doesn't even love me
He doesn't want me;
Doesn't even want me
"I want you, want you so bad babe"
I'm whispering "no, no, no"
My body is acting on impulse
My head isn't working, it believes this is a dream
Wake me, wake me somebody
Does anyone regret lust this way?
Even when it feels so good between my skin
As he's saying my name
Moving within
Grabbing my hips
Touching my lips
"I have you babe, you love it babe"
I'm feeling used
Regretting this lust
He doesn't love me
He'll never want me
He'll never have me


And the spinning stops
I look in his greedy eyes
Then I whisper my truth
"I'll never be yours"