Punk Rocked Love; Battles

We have this love
Filled with that punk rock stuff
Our tight, ripped jeans
Throwing out our anger
Onto our clothing
We smoke these cancer sticks
Blow it up another
We're just showing our pain
This bullshit love
It's just another lusting fight
As our band pins fall off
From our battles
And the wounds are clear
It's all a fake life
We want to stand out
Show that we're numb inside
Prove our pain with out scars
We give those depressed ones
A bad name
And in the battle we've come
We move from person to person
Still blowing the cancer breath
As we battle again
And the pins are still falling
Our dyed hair gone messy
Shit, we've broken our cancer stick
It's because of the fast battle
Whatever, it's all an act anyway,
As our fishnets break within the bullshit
And we stop the battle
For a breath of reality
But it's not there;
Nothing but cloudy air
Of the coming