it's so familiar, so heart-breakingly familiar; the sky, the tenderness of touch, the radiance of the sun, the strumming of my heart. it tugs at my hand, whispering for me to snatch it, but i can't reach out.

where is the warmth of this once brilliant place? every breath was breath-taking, and each step seduced me into the next. where did it go? a house, not a home, only remains with remnants of memories butchered by time.

like a dream, blurred images of faces, places, and colors. and the gentle roar of the fire never burns as bright as it once did; the fireflies glow is only a chemical reaction.

where did the luster go? did the leaking roof weather it away, did corruption mutate it to the dancing shadows across the wall? will it forever be bounded to the fading black and white image hanging above the rusted mantle?