"A Little Bird Gazing"

"Time is swift, it races by; Opportunities are born and die... Still you wait and will not try - A bird with wings who dares not rise and fly" - Alan Alexander Milne

Little bird fragile what sights are you looking at?
Lofting branches so agile like a starling brat,
The sky?-Oh no, it's much too big for you!
And those clouds thickening with some devious brew,
Why ponder on yonders that you can never get?
Young songbird, down low is where your destiny's set!
Fret on the blossoms, desirous is their camellia scent
Take your bite from an apple, spring's not even here yet,
You nod, you sway, what are you trying to say?-Young songbird?
"Since when did my world become so small yet unphased?"
Well when you grow, you change, you don't stay the same anymore,
And the sun's rays on your face is not enough anymore
Now you want to play the sun's rage, a plaint you've never thought of before?
Is it sad to say?-Seeing conformity ripping now torn.

But if you must insist to persist the dream breathless,
I must confess the sky's a battle-can leave one senseless
Be wary of vultures, they seem meek but can surprise you,
They circle at you in your weakest then they attack you!
And keep in mind in flying over woods where the darkness gleams,
A shire for savages, who shoot down any bird with a dream
So flap your wings higher for the sun is such a sight to see,
Then turn around once-that may be the last time you will see me
Oh little bird once gazing, the dusk is so bright!
But your flight is blazing, you'll light up the stars tonight
And if you tire from the fight and winds too fast for chasing,
Spring is sprouting right here-the blossoms will be waiting
Oh young songbird, the clouds are crying on they're pews!
For the sky had become too small to hold you...