Time is nothing.

"The mystery of the candle."

By S.A.G.M.


First bewilderment
I went to sleep that day never thinking I was going to be there. First all turned black then slowly I began to adjust to the low glow. Horrible creatures were surrounding him, he had a sword but he seemed to be fainting or sick. Suddenly, a red monster attacked him, leading all the others. I cried but my mouth made no sound. They were just too many of them. I became afraid as the fight came nearer and nearer nearly making me deaf me with their hideous, repugnant cries as the young man hit them. Suddenly I noticed something; they were heading to a trap; they must have realized he was doing his best fighting them with power and main.

I just stood there, I knew I had to do something so I looked around and spotted a rope hanging from the top of the awfully big cave. Staying in the shadows, I ran to it in hopes I wouldn't be too late. When I came to it I reached and grabbed hold of it.

I didn't quite wanted to plunge into the scrimmage and I hesitated but a look in his anguished, sweaty face, convinced me. I got a firm grip on the rope and ran more up and let myself go, letting out a shrill scream that echoed terribly.

The monsters weren't smart; just a set of brutes. So as I gathered speed toward them they just froze. Then, with an ultimate burst of strength, the lad sprang from their midst and held tightly to the rope which continued slowly on. Then the most horrible thing happened, the monsters recovered and lunged for us. I held my breath as the lad jumped from the rope, dragging me behind. We flew and fell on some rocks, I picked myself up and in a second he'd pulled hard at my hand and was running at top speed. I followed without asking and continued on. Suddenly, he slumped on the ground and laid still, I looked back. I could hear the footsteps behind with the huffing and puffing of the giants. I glanced around and dragged him to a narrow low crevice in the rocks. I pressed myself hard against the wall in the back and held my breath for what seemed weeks. The stinking creatures passed heavily by leaving their smell behind. Suddenly, a big noise pierced the air and froze the blood in my veins, then, all was quiet. I until then understood the lad's plan: he had made them fall off the sharp cliff.

When my heart began beating normally I dared to move and gently got him off my lap then I peeked where the shouting came from, there was nothing in sight. So I ventured to the drop-off. Looking down, I saw an awful sight, like a mass of jelly-like smashed bodies.

All of a sudden I remembered the boy and dashing back, I stooped over him to listen his breathing.

"How did I ever got myself into this?" first a scary fight, then, a daring rescue, then, fleeing from terrible creatures, finally, for all I knew, a dead guy on the floor. I pressed my fingers in his neck and felt a weak pulse

"Thank goodness" I muttered, putting his head on a higher place, I loosened his clothing and took off the knapsack he carried. I opened it and found a flask of liquid, I opened it and smelled it; it was wine or some kind of liquor. I stuck my finger in and brought it to his lips. He moaned and opened his eyes. I gave him a piece of bread and he seemed to grow more alert. I tried to tell him something but my voice didn't work, he seemed to understand though, and smiling he asked:

"You're dreaming aren't you?"

I nodded then he said:

"you were just in time, not many people come around here very often. Thank you. If you wish I can go with you to the opening."

"Please" I said very low. I discovered I could only whisper or shout. So getting up with difficulty, we walked to the door, just around the corner. Then I jumped into the blinding light. He didn't seem surprised but waved and turned back.

Then I found myself in my room.

I breathed hard, funny, little puffs as I sat on bed, too frightened to sleep again, I turned to the clock "only 9:00 p.m.!" I whispered astonished, laying back again and staring at the ceiling fan. Then, ever so slowly, slumber came, surrounding me close and tight, so softly I hardly noticed. All went black again