Your words stab through me like knives,
bashing the truth right through my heart;
it runs through my veins.
My lungs are filled up with the lies he's told me;
I can breathe with them now.
This is nothing.
Or is it?

I heard of a time when angels wings burned
and when devils strife was put to end,
it just goes to show that even the most unexpected impossible
could turn to the bitter truth.
Or does it?

Do you ever wonder
why your doubts
seem to get
the best of you?
And do you ever wonder
why you can never
keep hold of yourself
when your feelings
run loose?

Do you ever wonder
why your heart
decides to run
far, far away
trying to search for him
just to tell him
how much you adore him?

Dont you ever want to know
why the world is
filled with so much
and intention?

How would we ever know?
A facinating wonder beyond our own;
Would we ever know?

Maybe. Someday.