She's a queen of many things;
the priss, the girl who gets her way,
she's vain, cold hearted, stubborn.
But she tends to see beyond the mirror,
tried to forget what she really is--
I wonder if she even knows;
she doesnt want to believe what people tell her,
is that a blessing, or a curse?

Oh, Queen Celestial,
I dont dare tell her the truth.
She finds herself to be the hard worker,
the women who's strong and never wrong.

Oh, Queen Celestial,
you know nothing!
Why do you give yourself so much credit?
You're almost nothing of what you speak of!
You say that we must be strong,
to get over the past,
forget of our hurting hearts.
And yet--look at you!
You live in the past!
You're weak!
You dont let one thing, not one thing go!

Oh, Queen Celestial,
when will you ever give in?
I wonder how long you can complain,
how long you can judge others,
how long you can keep living this way!
Do you think everyone will always kiss your feet?
Do you think that we'll all obey to every command,
when you're a hypocrite to almost every piece of advice you give?

Oh, Queen Celestial,
You used to be a wonder,
I used to look up to you.
I used to want to be everything you always were.
But, oh, you fell apart,
you've changed.
You've ran down the wrong roads;
the roads I do not want to seek.
I say you're my hero,
I say you're perfect,
but I wonder if you even know what you've done.

Oh, Queen Celestial,
I will continue to bow down at your feet,
do every command you bark at me,
do everything to please you;
but dont blame me when you finally realize
how cold your heart really is.
Everything can be my fault,
but oh, that, that I know I'm not apart of.