Thew's point of view...

That night, Thew was contenting to himself to listening to some music and relaxing on his bed. He had been listening to some pop, but he thought he heard someone entering the house, so he put in something a little more masculine. You know, to keep up appearances. His parents popped their heads in and asked him how his day had been.

"Good," Thew replied.

"That's good, honey," Thew's mom replied. Thew's dad winked at him and they left the room, and left Thew shaking his head at their silliness. Thew really had had a good day. Actually, it had been better than good, aside from the random saint popping in to ask about supposedly dead--but not really dead–guys. After staring into each other's eyes for a couple of hours, he and Kyra had gone to see a movie and then they just drove around until Thew ran out of gas. A good day, to say the least.

Brick's point of view...

Brick's day was slightly less glamorous. He had spent the majority of the day ducking in and out of alleyways and trying to avoid a buff angel that had it out for him. Brick was getting pretty exhausted, but apparently Gabriel wasn't. However, Brick wasn't too worried. He just figured that Gabriel would have to stop eventually. Unfortunately, Brick forgot that angels didn't really have to eat or sleep or anything like that. Now Brick was worried and he did not know what to do.

It was while Brick was trying to hide in a grocery store that help manifested itself in a most unexpected manner. He was ducking behind the canned fruits on Aisle 14 when someone tried to grab a can of peaches. Instead of peaches, however, the person grabbed Brick's ear by accident.

"Ow! Ow!" Brick screamed as he tried to escape the grasp of the person that had picked him out of his clever hiding spot. Once the person let go, however, and Brick had gotten a good look at his assailant, he whistled and went from pained to rather pleased in six seconds flat. Brick threw on suavity like an overcoat as he stuck out his hand and proclaimed, "Hello there, my name's Brick."

Brick's unwitting picker smiled up at Brick and daintily shook his hand, replying, "It's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Marietta."

Next day, at school…

After Marietta had found Brick a hotel to stay at for the night, he decided it would be best to go to school the next day. Before school started, he met up with Marietta outside the front doors.

"Hey there," he said rather shyly.

"Hey," she replied.

"I was thinking… maybe…" he began.

Just then, Thew and Kyra were walking up to school, hand in hand.

"My double-date senses are tingling!" Kyra declared. She walked right up to Marietta and Brick and said, "You two with me and Thew tonight. Seven. Don't be late."

"But I haven't even asked her out yet!" Thew said, but by then Kyra and Thew were already inside.

He looked back at Marietta and she said, "I'd love to."

Brick beamed and offered to escort her into school. "M'lady."

"Thank you, kind sir," she rejoined. Taking his arm, they walked into school, laughing pleasantly.

That night…

All four of them met up again that night. They were just about to leave when a white PT Cruiser pulled up and Gabriel strolled right up to Brick and said, "Get in the car."

"Hey! Don't tell my Brick what to do!" Marietta insisted.

"Yeah, that's not cool," Thew added.

"He's turned over a new leaf," Kyra stated.

"I don't care. I just want to get back to heaven," Gabriel said.

Thew, thinking on his feet and not on his head, said, "Take me instead!"

"Whatever," Gabriel said.

Thew solemnly waved goodbye and Kyra cried, "I'll miss you every second!"

Thew got in the car and they flew away.

In heaven…

"This isn't even the right guy!" St. Peter exclaimed as Gabriel arrived with Thew in tow.

"I don't care anymore, Pete. I'm done with this," Gabriel said, walking to another cloud and picking up a harp.

St. Peter was about to protest, but he decided not to. He looked back at Thew and just kind of stared at him and then sighed. He was about to say something sarcastic when Grandma Francine stormed in. "Mattheeeeeeeew! How are you? You look so much taller!"

"Uh, thanks Grandma," Thew replied as his grandmother squeezed his middle until he could barely breathe. She slowly let him go and took a seat by St. Peter. They just stood there for a couple of minutes until Thew decided to speak up. "So, I guess Gabriel's not going to chase Brick anymore?"

"I guess not," St. Peter said, yawning.

"And you're not going to hassle us anymore either?" Thew asked politely.

"Hmph, doesn't look that way, kid," St. Peter stated boredly.

"So, can I get back to Earth?" Thew inquired with his hands behind his back, rocking back and forth on his heels.

"Yeah, yeah. Turn around, it's your first door on the left. Just give me some quiet for like, ten seconds!" St. Peter complained.

"Whatever you say Mr. Saint Peter! Bye Grandma!" Thew said. He waved goodbye to Grandma Francine and she waved back. He turned around and took the first door on his left and then…

Back on Earth…

He appeared back on Earth. "Did you miss me?" Thew asked everyone.

"Dude," Brick said, "you've only been gone for like a second."

"I missed you every second!" Kyra insisted. She hugged him and then asked, "What happened?"

"Well, St. Peter promised not to bother us anymore, and Gabriel just started playing a harp, and I saw my grandmother. She said I grew. Overall, it went pretty well I guess."

"Word," Marietta said.

"So, what now?" Brick asked.

Taking Thew and Brick's arm and Brick subsequently taking Marietta's arm, Kyra simply said, "Happily ever after!" And thus they walked off into the cheesy sunset.