Crushed by the darkness, swallowed by shroud,

Enslaved in a pit of fear.

In my despair, I cry aloud,

But nobody seems to hear.

Desensitized to hate, rage, pain;

I'm giving up the fight.

No strength or sanity do I retain;

There's no help for me in sight.

The deepest levels or so high above;

I'm drowning in death and deciet.

Completely devoid of any feeling or love,

This fate is far worse than defeat.

But even among all this death and despair,

A miniscule light still shines.

It fans, and it flames; the hope of a prayer,

The beautiful light that refines.

Darkness is cast away by the light;

Death holds its power no longer.

The shining love overcomes hate and fright,

And luminescence grows ever stronger.

Hope is restored, light and life prevail;

Peace and fulfillment abound.

This is a hope that will never fail,

This incredible joy I have found.