Goodbye To You My friend

Love played a trick on me

I was too blind to see

Lost within your eyes

Now I watch as our love dies

I would give anything to touch your face

Just to hold you close, to love, embrace

I've stroked your lips and kissed your hair

But now it seems our love is bare

I'm standing still, lost and cold

Just wanting your touch and your hold

It's been a long time since we talked

Since we touched, laughed or walked

But, was it my fault? Did I let you down?

I only know that within my tears, I'll drown

You stole my heart and took my smile

Though our love is gone it once seemed worthwhile

Though it's sad and my heart is braking

My life is cut and my hands are shaking

You've been there for me, and I for you

When I fell into your two eyes of blue

So I guess this is goodbye

I've got tears that can't dry

And I know this is the end

So goodbye to you, my friend