The Great Struggle



"Pa-pa, Pa-pa have you heard Hitler has taken complete control of Germany?" A young boy shouted as he ran to his father while flashing the newspaper, which brandished this news. "Yes son, I have heard this." The father replied with a sense of dread. "What's wrong pa-pa?" the boy asked as his father sat him on his lap. "Well, if the way of which he gained power is any sign of what is to come then I dread what may happen." The father proclaimed with a new sense of worry. "They wont make you fight again will they pa-pa?" The boy muttered as he looked up at his father with concern. "If war breaks out, then I must fight." The father said as he rubbed his little boy's back in attempts to calm him. "Is that because you fought in the last war?" The boy asked with great curiosity. "Yes my son and I do not regret fighting in that war. I was fighting for the father land, for my people, mostly for my family." The father replied as his eyes filled with pride. "But if you leave who will take care of ma-ma and me and the rest?" The boy frantically searched his mind for the answer. "Son, if I go you must take care of your ma-ma for me. You will be the man of the house. You must also take care of your other brothers and sisters you hear me?" The father proclaimed sternly. "But pa-pa, I am but the youngest who will listen to me?" the boy said as he lowered his head in shame as though he had disappointed his father. "Age is not what makes a leader my son, it's the ability to overcome all adversities, and help others over come them as well." The father whispered as he lifted his son's head up slowly.

"Pa-pa will I too be able to fight for the fatherland?" the son asked as he perked up his heart now filled with pride. "If the war lasts that long but I hope, I pray it won't my son." The father muttered and looked off in the distance as if he were remembering past experience. "Why do you not want the war to last that long pa-pa?" The son asked with a look of puzzlement and bewilderment. "BECAUSE SON! War is a horrible thing!" His father shouted with a new sense of terror in his eyes. "I'm sorry pa-pa." The boy uttered softly as tears began to run down his cheek. "It's ok son, it was my fault. I shouldn't have yelled at you, I'm sorry." The father whispered as he kissed his son's forehead. "It is ok pa-pa I shouldn't have asked." The son sniffled as he tried to hold the tears back. "Go, be a good boy and help your ma-ma set the table." The father whispered as he put his son on the ground. "Yes sure father!" the son proclaimed as he saluted his father. "Go, silly the plates won't wait all night." The father said with laughter as he turned his son around and patted him on the back.

"Don't worry ma-ma I will set the table for you I'm the man of the house now." The son said with great pride as he walked up to his mother. "Oh are you now, and who told you this?" His mother asked as she kneeled down to rub something off his cheek and a smirk of curiosity on her face. "Pa-pa did, now go sit down, rest I will set the table." The son proclaimed as he tried to push his mother out of the dinning room. "Oh he did, did he? I will have to have a talk with pa-pa." She said while she laughed softly. "You won't believe what Philip just said to me." She said as she slowly walked towards his father. "Oh, and what was that?" he said as he gently grabbed her and pulled her close. "That you told him he was the man of the house now." She giggled as she softly kissed him. Suddenly there was a loud stern knock on the door that startled everyone in the house. "I'll get it pa-pa!" Philip blurted out as he bolted towards the door. "Good day young man, is the man of the house present?" The German soldier spoke sternly when the boy opened the door. "I am the man of the house!" The boy grunted with pride. "Oh are you now, then you are just the man we've looking for." The private said jokingly as he kneeled down to great the little boy. "I am the one you are looking for." The father stated as he pushed his son aside. "So you are the Wim Raphael Stefan Luitpold?" the sergeant said with amazement. "I am one in the same." The father muttered. "Then I have here a letter from Hitler himself calling you back into active duty immediately sir!" the soldier replied as he saluted the man. "Show me this so called letter." Wim requested with disbelief and fear. "Here you go sir." The private thrusts the letter against the father with annoyance. The father slowly read the letter with dread. "Alright, then I will go with you." As he started to walk away Philip ran towards him screaming "pa-pa, pa-pa!" He turned around to stop his son from running towards him, only to see his wife holding their son by the shoulders and mouthing "I love you."

"Come on Wim, it is time to go." The private demanded as he placed his hand on Wim's shoulder. "Hitler wants to see you right away." He stated with slight jealousy as the both turned around and continued towards the car. Slowly stepping into the car, he stole one last glimpse of his son and wife just before the private slams the door shut with impatience. "I do not know why Hitler wants to see an old man like you." The private chuckled as he got into the car next to Wim. "Come on, hurry up we haven't got all day." The private grunted at the sergeant who was taking his time getting into the car to drive off. The father laughed slightly and then proclaimed "well, I have seen a lot more than you have, you don't even know what is in store for you." He laughed as he shook his head. "I would die for him!" The private yelled fiercely. "Would you now, you would die for him when there are a million bullets flying past your head, all possessing your name?" The father snorted with a grim smile on his face. "Um…Uh…. Yes I would!" The private suddenly rediscovered his childish courage. The father did not respond, but just looked out the window as the sergeant started the car and drove off.