The Unjust Lust



I remember those days as if they were yesterday; some times I wish I had been there that one ill-fated day. Maybe I could've saved everyone, maybe not. If not I definitely would've killed a few of those bastards. I remember my mothers face the last time I saw it breathing. "Your sister is going to be married to that Mcgibbin's lad down the road way." She said to me with a hurry. "You are coming to your sister's wedding right? It would be a great shame if ye didn't." She proclaimed as her face grew long, just as those days had seemed to. "You know I can't be there mother!" I shouted at her with furry. "Why not!" She quickly yelled back to me. For our people are known for their hot tempers. "You know I must go with father and help protect our lands from the new invaders." I proclaimed with disgust at the thought of those filthy pigs. "Forget those filthy pigs wont ye? Just for one day? It will be the most important day of your sister's life." She replied very sternly. "Ah, but it might be her last if we cannot fight them off." If only I could've noticed the irony. "You know what they have done to the people…" "Hush son I will have none of that, that wont happen to this family and ye know that!" She cut me off with grimace. "I am sorry mother but I can't let that happen to my baby sister." I said as my face dropped towards the ground. "Why would it happen to us? We're just lowly farmers." She said softly. "But mother you just as well as I do they're targeting everyone they hate us all."

My face filled with anger and disgust at my own words. My mother had grown ill fully quiet with horror of the idea that it could happen to our family as well. "I must go now mother, father is waiting for me. Give Kelly my best wishes." I said with a sigh as I turned towards the door. My mother reached out to me as though to try to stop me from going; but quickly dropped it back down to her side. "Ah, I will my son bless ye." Those were the last words I heard out of her mouth. I slowly walked out the door; my feet felt as though they were stone. I wish I didn't have to go but I was needed elsewhere…. Or so I thought.

Quickly jumping onto the horse we had found, I quickly road to where my father had told me to meet him. I knew that place well for I had grown up playing there with my younger brothers and sisters. I was the oldest so I always had an extra responsibility and still do. On the way to the meeting place I was reminded of my child hood, a time before all this horror. We lived peacefully and when we weren't helping our parents on the farm we were playing like every kid does at that age. My father and the rest of the men galloped to me. "Where have you been my son? What took ye so long?" he said with an angry look on his face. "I am sorry father. Mother was trying to convince me to stay and go to Kelly's wedding." I said as I looked down for I felt as though I had already let my father down. "Damn it her weddings today? It couldn't have come on a worse time." He said with a look of disappointment. "I know father, we must go through with the plan… must make sure that it will not be her last day." I said as I tightened my fist to try to hide my anger. "I know now we must go meet up with the rest and carry out our duty to our people." He said with a sense of pride in his voice. "Our people have driven out invaders before what makes them different?" I asked him firmly. "I do not know my son." He said as his voice trailed off. Quickly we road off to meet up with the other groups, we had no time to spare. A few handshakes and hugs here and there went around as soon as we did meet up with them. "Come we must hurry before we are to late and miss our opportunity." Said one of the men with a since of urgency. "Ah, come lets us go quickly!" said my father as he begun the race towards the enemy location, or so we thought. For when we had arrived there was nobody there, not even a lowly scout. "Where are they!"

One of the men shouted as we begun to grow irritated. "They were supposed to be right here and not even getting out of bed yet." Said my father with growing agitation. "It's a ploy, a trap! They lured us here to get us away from something else they wanted…. But what?" Another man asked with a look of horror on his face. At that moment we all realized what they wanted, what they were after. "Kelly's wedding is today." My father proclaimed with a tune of dread. "We have no time to spare we may already be to late." I shouted out to the rest of them before turning back towards home.

Sadly it was not as uncommon as it is today for the invaders to do what they did. When we had arrived it was to late. Everyone was lying in his or her own pool of blood. My father lost his mind as soon as he saw my mother lying there dead. "It is to late, they have already come damn them!" He shouted as his knees gave way under him. "Father, we still have hope Kelly may still be alive." I said with hope. "Yes there is still hope, her body isn't amongst the dead and if we hurry maybe we can get to her in time." Another man shouted. "Quickly we must find them for her life depends on us." My father said; for he had gained back some hope and strength. "Lets start in the forest, that is the probably the most likely place." Proclaimed one of the men hurriedly.

Mounting our horses we took off towards the forest in hopes of saving her life. "Split up we'll cover more ground that way." My father ordered as we reached the entrance to the forest. Suddenly a high-pitched squeal arose from the quiet forest. "Kelly!" I shouted as my eyes filled with tears of anger. We quickly raced to where the scream had originated. As we grew closer we could see the men galloping away. "Cowards! Run ye bastards run!" shouted my father as he started to give chase. "Father no! We do not know how many of them there are waiting in ambush." I called out to him. "She's over here and still alive!" One of the men shouted as he spotted her on the cold forest floor.

Swiftly ridding over there I jumped off my horse and wrapped my arms around her. Her dress had been cut from the chest down to just bellow the belly button and a deep cut followed. Her body was covered in blood and she started coughing up blood as her lounges filled with it. I pulled her close to me. "Broth…. broth…." she mumbled right before she breathed her last. Holding her tightly I screamed. Was it out of anger or out of sorrow or both I do not know. "I will avenge your death." I whispered as I kissed her forehead.

"We can cut them off at the pass and slaughter every one of those heartless bastards." Muttered my father's closest friend as he clinched his fist. "No, first we must give her a proper burial then must gather all the men and avenge her death." My father said as he reached out to her, his eyes watering up with tears. " Give her here my son lets give her a proper burial." He said as he took her from my arms, his tears dropping on her.

(ride to very small british military settlement attack and kill just about every man one man still alive pretty old cant really defend him self raise sword to kill him a young woman about his age stops him ad he notices she is not from there later on the old man ends up being a great british general who is like a father to the woman the woman begs for the irish warrior's life bc she loves him and the man spares him the young warrior )