A powerful man stared in distaste at the city from the clouds. He had heard that this city no longer worshiped him above all other gods. They had instead turned to his brother, Poseidon, in worship. Now that he had seen the city's disloyalty for himself the only thing left to do was to destroy the city; a simple task for the powerful immortal. He stroked his long burly beard in immense concentration. "Zeus," called out a god whom flew towards him in a hurry, "a message from your brother, Poseidon!" Zeus looked upon the god, with the winged sandals and low crowned hat, filled with suspicion.

"Make haste Hermes, I've work to do. I wish to observe this city before I destroy it."

Hermes nodded quickly with fearful eyes,

"The message is as follows 'Zeus what fool are you to believe that the city of Semiris would remain yours? You do not care for them as I've promised, though I offer you a fair trade. You may have the most beautiful maiden you find as your own if you hand over Semiris to me.' End message, a reply sir?"

"Go swift and graceful to my brother and tell him that I accept." Hermes was then off to do Zeus' bidding.

Alantia a beautiful young woman, sat outside of a newly built temple. Her entire day was spent locked inside. As she sank her teeth into a sweet fruit, watchful eyes examined the woman's movements. Alantia turned her head to the trees, from where she had heard a noise, and her eyes met with those of an eagle. This was no ordinary eagle. Its eyes had a fierce glint and was unusual in its size. Before taking flight into the clouds overhead it cooed happily at her. The eagle landed on to a mighty throne in the heavens that was placed before the sea-god Poseidon. "I assume you've found your prize, brother?" Poseidon asked as he glanced at the morphing bird.

"Her beauty is unmatched. I simply must have her. Her body is slender and movement so gentle. I searched the city twice over and by far she is the most gorgeous." Poseidon's eyes opened wide in surprise and every hair on his neck stood on end. Surely it couldn't be…

"Describe her for me brother with more detail."

"If you could only have seen her," Zeus exclaimed, "her shimmering chestnut hair reaches to her waist, and wistful amber eyes that examined the world before her. She smelled of roses and her skin was silky soft. I must take my leave now." When Poseidon was sure his brother gone he scornfully thought.

"I had told Alantia to stay inside. I'm sorry Zeus but this woman you describe shall not be yours."

Alantia was presented to Zeus dressed in the finest robes that Greece could offer, a flowery crown, and a grey veil that covered her face. She was not to look upon the god until he had made her his. Before their leave, the ground began to shake with a mighty furry; knocking down tall structures that were once used to worship Zeus. As the people screamed and prayed to the god for help, Zeus took Alantia into the heavens and rightfully made her his. The god's fingers graced the woman's head as Zeus carefully removed the veil, anxious to behold the amber eyes again. To his dismay the eyes he gazed into were not of his dear Alantia but of another woman's. He slapped the imposter in his mighty anger and descended upon the city of Semiris. By now the city was broken away from the mainland from the earthquake. Zeus yelled in a booming voice, "Poseidon! WHERE ARE YOU? You have tricked me, brother!" A force surrounded the city keeping Zeus from reaching it. The ocean began to rise and slowly engulfed Semiris, but the force that kept Zeus away also protected the city from drowning. When the city was fully submerged, Poseidon's figure appeared in the water.

"A fool you surely are Zeus, to not recognize the difference right away." Zeus frowned and his anger faded, as he thought the situation over.

"Yes I suppose that I am, but am I to be left empty handed?"

"That you are not. You are left with knowledge to be more wary, another beautiful maiden waiting in your chamber for your return. You could not have Alantia as your own for she is already mine. I have protected the city as my own, under the sea."

"I see…may I at least have the honor of renaming the city?" Zeus asked.

"I owe you that in the lease," the sea-god answered nonchalantly. Zeus smirked as he uttered the name,


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