A beautiful melody flowed throughout through the wooden cottage as the graceful Mizuki darted throughout her home in a futile effort to make spring cleaning as easy as possible. The stove flame burned intensely as the kettle of tea begun to whistle, though rather irritating to the ears, Mizuki had much more to worry about then a simple noise. Swinging her broom like a samurai, she effortlessly had her home shining like a new gem in no time at all. Sliding into the kitchen, Mizuki lifted the kettle with her free hand and sat it on the counter, simultaneously dusting off her counter. She slipped out of the kitchen briefly to put her broom and duster away, and returned for a moment of serenity with her tea. Mizuki leaned up against her open door and sipped at her tea, looking off into the distance.

Arisu laughed with delight as she fell backwards onto the fresh spring grass and rolled around happily. Her sunflower blond hair bounced as she jumped up, brushing off the stems of grass from her new brown and white dress that her mother had newly sewn. Her blue eyes surveyed the area with the highest of intent, she loved exploring, but right now, she was on the hunt for something. Arisu fell to the ground and began to crawl, slowly the grass grew thicker, and taller, and the ground became softer. She sat up on her knees and peeked over the grass, it was a little pond that seemed to have been sprouted off by the nearby river, which flowed down from the nearby mountains. Of course, Arisu didn't care about that, she was adamant about finding her one special thing.

Mizuki sighed lovingly as she looked at her window into the mass of clouds that soared across the brilliantly azure sky. It was a beautiful day, especially to be outside, and with her cup of tea, Mizuki whisked herself through her home and out the front door. A slight breeze blew by, rustling a nearby tree which responded in the form of a red bird, which flew around in the sky, singing a beautiful song, as if in responding to Mizuki's hymn earlier. A few moments passed with the beauty flying before he dove back into his home, obviously awaking the chicks, which chirped in disappointment that their father had yet to bring back their lunch. This reminded Mizuki of her duties as well, "Arisu!" She called out into the distance, "Arisu!"

The pond sat quietly as Arisu glared into it with the deepest of intent. For a moment, nothing happened, but Arisu was patient. Suddenly a tiny turtle crawled out of the brush, and walked into the water. Arisu squealed with delight as he made tiny circles as he swam. Arisu smiled happily, even though he didn't know it, the turtle was Arisu's second favorite thing in the world...maybe third, her mom, Mizuki was first, then maybe the nighttime...but Arisu always got in trouble when she went out at night. The funny thing was that, she didn't know why Mizuki always got so mad! "Arisu!" Mizuki's voice chimed in her head, but she waved it off thinking she made it up in her head, "Arisu!" the voice called again, maybe Mizuki really was calling her. Arisu got up; she was disappointed to leave her turtle (which she aptly named Kame).

Mizuki loved sitting in the sunlight, it always felt so warm and pleasant on her skin. But she could never sit in it for long, for she was very pale and would burn easily; however, the paleness was more then just a biological trait, she was actually very sick, and would pass out sometimes if it was too hot. She worried Arisu a lot of the time, but she thought it was equally granted for her sneaking out at night and worrying her, so she paid no mind. Mizuki tapped her foot rhythmically, Arisu was always late when she was called, but she never would wander too far, and Mizuki never wondered where Arisu went either, just always trusted her. Always a good thing, she supposed. Scanning the horizon, Mizuki saw a bit of yellow appear and disappear, Arisu was returning! Mizuki stood up and smiled, watching as Arisu slowly came running into view.

Mizuki sighed happily knowing that Arisu was safe, she always thought of Arisu as her real daughter, though she truly wasn't. Arisu's parents had passed away a little while after she was born, and Mizuki's daughter and husband had as well, around the same time. In such a terrible time, the slightest kindness proved to be the greatest gift in the world; Arisu needed love and Mizuki needed someone to love. Mizuki was only in her early twenties, but she already had matured so greatly, unlike her selfish adolescence, she had really grown up. Arisu, who was nearly halfway home by now, seemed to be greatly effected by Mizuki's kindness and selflessness, and she was already growing up to be a wonderful girl, Mizuki knew that she'd be an amazing woman one day.

A sharp whistling sound pierced through the air, shooting through space and time. Arisu stopped abruptly, shaking at the horrid sound; she looked up to her mother in the distance and smiled brightly once more. She leapt forward and continued running, Mizuki took a few steps away from her home, her arms open, prepared to embrace Arisu lovingly. The birds had stopped chirping and singing, but Mizuki paid no mind, to her, time was frozen in this moment of bliss...ignorant bliss...of serenity and compassion for all life. Mizuki closed her eyes as she waited for Arisu's body to press up against her tightly in a loving squeeze. Another whistling sound went off and Arisu stopped dead in her tracks.

In terms of physically hearing something, Arisu would have gone deaf, but the pure shock was more then enough to protect her. An oblivious serenity coated Arisu like a blanket, as she watched in shocking horror while her home, the place she grew up in, where she lived...was engulfed in the flames of an atomic explosion. To her explicit discontent, Arisu was subjugated to watching Mizuki be torn apart by the explosion, the sickening sound of her bones snapping as her limbs were torn from her body, blood flying across the sky like sickened birds of prey. Arisu screamed as she was blown backwards off her feet, discarded blood plowed over her like snow in a blizzard, and she hit the ground hard, ricocheting into the air and rolled to a stop. She groaned, her body throbbing, and as she lifted her head slightly, she saw Kame inch towards her. "K...a...me..." She moaned, but it wasn't Kame, it was her mother's decapitated head.