Anne awoke the day after her 'choosing' to the sounds of movement. Before she was aware of anything else she felt a pain between her legs; she also felt a deep satisfaction in that same region. She looked around her small quarters and found that all of the other slave girls had crammed their way in. They varied in age from 11 to 30, anyone older was designated a teacher of new slaves and lived elsewhere. The slaves lifted the half-asleep redhead from her rough bed, not allowing Anne time to retrieve the pair of pink panties that were the 14 year old's only article of clothing.

The slaves led the newest addition to their numbers down a small hallway. Anne tried to remember the route she would have to take to return to her new quarters, issued to her when she was selected to be the personal slave of a Lieutenant whose name Anne did not know.

The armada of girls turned a corner and Anne found herself in a toilet and shower room. The entire room was a circle, with no walls or dividers for privacy. There was a semi-circle of toilets around one side of the room with sinks beside them. The other half of the room was populated by poles rising from the floor. At a glance, Anne could tell that the polls were designed to release water, a crude shower facility.

"I suppose you can figure out what these facilities are for" a slave about Anne's height said. The girl introduced herself as Jana and explained that this was a special ceremony of induction. Anne noted that even Kingdalar slaves held strictly to ceremony and tradition.

Without explaining what would take place in the ceremony, Jana turned on her heel and walked to the centre of a triangle of closely spaced shower polls.

"Let us begin!" she declared, her voice echoing in the small room.

The girls did not react to such a command as Anne had expected. Instead of moving toward or away from her, they stood still and removed what little clothing any of them wore (some had none to remove). Then, as a child of 12 collected the garments, the girls moved toward Anne. They escorted her to where Jana stood and had her sit with her back against one of the shower polls.

A 20 year old bent over Anne, and her breasts fell into Anne's face. Anne couldn't see as the older woman tied her hands behindthe poll. Similarly, other slaves tied her feet to the other poles in the triange. Anee realised why these three were closer togeather than the rest.

Once she was securly fassened to the poles, the slaves past a small box to Jana. Jana opened the box to reveal a sharp blade with an ivory handle. Jana removed the blade and lowered it to Anne's pussy. Jana moved the blade slowly, remoivng the hair from Anne's lips.

When Anne was hairless, Jana finished the first part of the cerimony by kissing Anne squarely on the clittoris. This caused the girl to gasp, a tingle shooting through her body.

"You are one of us!" Jana declared. The assembled slaves applauded. "Now, in accordance with the tradition, three girls have been selected as your 'welcoing commitee'. In order to be fully inducted, you must bring each of these girls to orgasm. Then, they will return the favour."

Anne was nervous. A 20 year old stood above Anne, positioning her moist pussy before Anne's lips. Anne took a tenative lick of the girl and found the taste to her liking. She only needed to lick for a minute before the girl orgasmed, falling to the floor.

Anne wondered why she was being subjected to all of these sexual cerimonies.But she was not given time to ponder as a small eleven year old positioned her own pussy in front of Anne's face. Anne's tounge, now familiar with what was required, found the small girl's nub easily. The small girl let out a screem and fell ontop of Anne.

"I'm next" declared Jana, positioning herself infront of Anne's bound form. Jana moved slowly forward, alowing Anne to wait. Anne moved her tounge more slowly on Jana but got the same result. Jana moaned, but did not fall as the others had.

"Now, we shall welcome you." Jana informed Anne, as she and the other three girls moved their faces between Anne's legs. Anne felt cold and violated, but these feelings were lost as three toungs intertwinded in a dance that ticled thousands of nerve endings. Anne realised that this was a different kind of pleasure from what she had recieved the night before. Anne was in heaven, she opened her eyes and looked over to see several of the slaves had seated themselves on toilets and were fingering themselves, watching what was transpiring before them. Anne's attention was drawn back as the sensation increased; it seemed as though three girls were making out, with her clit in the middle. Anne let out a cry as she reached her peak, her mussles relaxing for the first time since she had been awoken.

"Now all I can say is welcome!" Jana said, steping away from Anne. The girls untied Anne and began to move away. The cerimony appeared to be over and the girls were now making use of the facilities: girls were showering, some were using the toilet.

Anne looked around. It seemed that she was free to go, but she felt rooted to the spot. Anne found it strange to be able to see others shower, to watch urin splashing from between their legs. The others seemed to be used to it, but Anne could not see herself ever finding this normal.

Anne was just begining to grasp the fact that she would be forced to live her life as a slave in these conditions when she heard a crash and looked up in time to see several metalic shuters close. Anne felt a deep hatred grip her as she realised that the men of the empire had been watching the entire ceremony. Anger and embarasment were a powerful combination, especially in the firey Anne. She fled the room, as close to tears as she had been since being captured and inslaved.

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