I want to say something
to you, yes, you
so ladies and gentleman,
there's no need to listen
you want to hear this,
but back to you
(my back to you)
you once told me that
you loved me
& I was beautiful
(no one told me that)
'cause ugly girls are just
part of the background
until you
told me that you'd do
about for me,
you'd stay (I knew that).
And I said I wanted it
to be over,
goodbye, so long, farewell,
au revoir, mon ami
(I learned that last one
in French.)
Then you left, you moved
away, you went to some place,
another city, another life,
and all of this
without me (or moi)
just because I said "it's over"
and goodbye,
au revoir,
je t'aime.