V-Masks Undone-V

They would be scared

They have never seen the real me.

They would be scared,

For human nature despises change.

The real me would come forth,

Visible to the blind world,

And people would run,

A sight unlike any they had ever seen.

An individual has come forth,

Somone has thrown off their mask.

Something they had never seen,

For nobody has ever broken free.

Unprepared and frightened,

The mask shattered at my feet.

No it's not gruesome,

But a different view, maybe.

No, it is not a new me,

Simply one they do not wish to see.

It is me, not the thick mask that once was a shield,

No, for that is gone.

But still they run,

Scared and unprepared.

For human nature grows used to the old,

And so the new can never prosper.