Chapter 1

September 1, 2005

"Are you ready," Rebecca screamed at the bottom of the staircase. She heard her daughter Olivia mumble something back and then there was the sound of a slamming door. Stomping up the stairs she quickly came in contact with her daughters locked bedroom door.

"Open the door," she screamed over the music blaring from Olivia's stereo. Finally, after screaming and banging for a couple of minutes the door swung open.

"What," Olivia yelled still holding the door with one hand, while the other hand was placed firmly on her hip.

"Uh, duh school," Rebecca, said mocking her teenage daughter as she flipped one of her curls with her finger.

"I am not going," Olivia, protested now both hands places on her hips.

"Why," Rebecca asked dropping her mocking attitude and silly smile, immediately jumping back into tough mom stance.

"Cause," Olivia said popping a bubble with her gum, still keeping her stance just as strong.

"Yes, you are," Rebecca said strongly. "It is the first day of school. You are in eight grade now, almost high school. You cannot drop out now. You would be a looser for the rest of your life and have to live with me, forever."

The last sentence was the key to get Olivia on the go and moving, quickly.

"Well next time I will just jump straight to that," Rebecca said smiling. She waited in the doorway until Olivia had pulled on a pair of flip-flops and grabbed her books.

"Pick you up at three," Rebecca asked smiling as her car came to a stop in front of the school.

"I am riding with Lynn," Olivia mumbled. She stepped out of the car quickly and flipped a blonde curl over her shoulder.

"Okay," Rebecca said slowly as she turned back to stare out the front windshield. She sat there staring out the window thinking back to happier times. It then occurred to her why Olivia was in such a grumpy mood.

It was to the day a year since Olivia's idiot father had left them. Rebecca had been lost in her thoughts about the looser when the cars behind her began to honk loudly.

"Okay," she screamed snapping her seat belt in place. She took one last look at her daughter who happened to be in the arms of a slightly older guy.

Saying a prayer Rebecca drove away. She prayed for patience. She prayed that she had taught her daughter right from wrong, and most of all she prayed for peace between the two of them.

"Mom," Olivia yelled slamming the front door closed behind her.

"Where have you been," Rebecca asked spinning around in the chair she was sitting in. Her eyes were fierce and pinned on Olivia. It was no surprise, she was mad, and Olivia was in for it this time.

"Relax," Olivia said nonchalantly. "Lynn and I just went for some burgers, no big deal."

"Nice try, but I called Lynn's mother an hour ago and Lynn was home. Who were you with? Was it that boy I saw you with today?"

"I don't know what you are talking about," Olivia said shrugging her shoulders slightly.

"I don't know if I want you with him, he looks much older. I want to meet this boy and at least no a little about him. So until then I don't want you to see him."

"Whatever," Olivia said rolling her eyes. "It doesn't matter anyway, because he is a jerk and I don't want to ever see him again."

"Do you want to talk about it," Rebecca asked standing up, the tone of her voice changing from mad to concern.

"No," Olivia said running up the stairs and disappearing into her bedroom once again.

Sighing loudly Rebecca sank into the chair and closed her eyes. 'What happened to those days when she was five and boys had cooties,' she asked herself. 'What happened to the days when she and I were best friends?'

Just then, the phone rang bringing Rebecca out her thoughts once again. "Hello," she said politely.

"Ms. Carson," the man said just as politely. "This is Mr. Donnellson at your daughter's school. I am the principle here and I am sorry to call you like this, but…"

"Is something wrong," Rebecca, asked quickly.

"Well actually Olivia got into a little scuffle with another girl at school today. I was just concerned about her well-being. The first fight is not a suspension, but if this happens again serious actions will be taken."

"I appreciate you calling, but what was the fight about. My daughter is usually pretty good about keeping her cool."

"Well you know what the normal teenage girls fight about, boys, friends, name calling anything of that nature."

"Oh," Rebecca said quietly. Taking a deep breath Rebecca said, "I promise you Mr. Donnellson that something will be done about this. This will be the last time you have any problems with her."

"Well I thank you for your concern. I would actually prefer it if you and I could sit down and talk tomorrow with the other girl and her mother. I feel we could resolve this issue if we just figured out the source."

"That would be fine," Rebecca, said thinking of how she could rearrange her schedule for tomorrow without missing work completely. "What time would be best?"

"How about around eleven o'clock?"

"Sounds great, I guess I will see you tomorrow then. Thanks for calling."

"Your welcome," the principle said hanging up the phone.


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