Chapter 2

Rebecca decided after the phone call with the principle going up to Olivia's room and screaming at her probably wasn't the best idea. She decided to let herself and Olivia calm down before, but that wasn't to say Rebecca would let this little incident slide.

Taking a deep breath, Rebecca prayed for patience once more. She needed more than patience in this situation; she needed a miracle. Whoever said raising a baby was the hardest part of parenthood never had a teenager that was for sure.

With one swift movement, Rebecca came off the chair and took the steps of the staircase two at a time. She knocked slightly at Olivia's door, but she couldn't be heard over the loud music coming from the stereo.

Rebecca slid open the door and made her way inside. "What are you doing," Olivia screamed.

Before speaking, Rebecca moved to the stereo and punched the off button. "Don't get an attitude; I was just coming up here to see what you wanted for dinner."

"I don't want anything," Olivia said unemotionally as she moved to the stereo and flipped it on once more.

"Fine," Rebecca huffed walking out of the room, she turned before shutting the door and watched Olivia for a moment. Olivia had flopped down on the bed and picked up a magazine.

Once in the kitchen Rebecca grabbed a box of chocolate ice cream out of the freezer and a bowl out of the cabinet. 'I need hot shower, a bowl of ice cream, and a peaceful night,' she thought to herself.

Just then, the phone behind her rang. 'So much for a peaceful night,' she said as she grabbed the phone and pulled it to her ear. She realized Olivia had picked it up, she was about to put if up, but then curiosity kept her on the line.

"Olivia can't we just talk about this," the girl on the line begged.

"No," Olivia huffed. "You did the unthinkable; I mean how could you do that to me? I trusted you."

"I am really sorry," the girl said her eyes filling with tears.

"No, you aren't," Olivia said rudely.

Before Rebecca could hear anything more, she hung the phone quietly and moved back to the kitchen counter behind her. Grabbing a spoon out of the drawer at her waist, she began scooping ice cream into the bowl.

Her mind was going crazy wanting to know what had happened. The girl's voice wasn't familiar, so obviously Olivia had made a few new friends she wasn't saying anything about, which was understandable considering they rarely talked about anything anymore.

Rebecca sighed and stepped out of her blue car, slinging her purse over her right shoulder. Smoothing down her black skirt, she moved across the parking lot of Olivia's school.

"Why do we have to do this," Olivia groaned stepping out of the car and slinging her backpack over one shoulder.

"Because you got into a fight and the principle is concerned, and honestly I agree with him."

"Of course you do," Olivia grumbled.

Once inside the office lobby, Olivia slumped down into a chair. "We are here to see the principle," Rebecca told the secretary. The secretary nodded and moved to the back of the office.

"So," Rebecca said sitting down in the chair beside her daughter. "Is there anything you want to tell me, before we go in there?"

"No," Olivia mumbled looking at the floor. "I still think this is stupid."

"Well," Rebecca started to say, but she looked at the door and there stood the most handsome creature she had ever seen. Shaking her head slightly she turned her head away quickly and took a deep breath.

The man took a few strides towards the front desk and signed his name on a piece of paper lying there. Behind him Rebecca turned back to see a teenage girl following solemnly behind him, she also plopped down in a chair not far from Olivia.

"Why do we have to do this," she groaned when the man returned to her side and waited impatiently. In one hand, he held a cowboy hat and in the other, he held a cell phone. His hair was dark brown, his eyes the same deep brown with a few lines forming underneath and above them. His figure was muscular, but not overly buff. His cowboy boots were polished and his jeans tight with a slight starchy look.

"Hi," he said smiling when he noticed Rebecca had been staring at him for at least a minute.

"Oh, hi," Rebecca whispered, her cheeks immediately turning red.

"So what are you here for," the man asked curiously.

"Fighting," Rebecca, said frowning.

"So," the man said smiling. "Who did you beat up?"

Rebecca couldn't help but laugh and smile showing her bright white teeth. Olivia was very annoyed at this time sighed loudly and moved slightly in her chair. Before Rebecca could say anything else to the man, the principle walked in and motioned for both of them to come with him.

The two girls followed in behind there parents both looking as if they were going to there death.

"So I guess our daughters know each other," the man said smiling at Rebecca, she later found out his name was Gary.

"Yeah, I guess," Rebecca, said sitting down in the chair inside the principle's office. She was all of a sudden taken back, and bad memories came flooding back. She couldn't help but remember when she had sat in an office similar to this one. It seemed like ages ago, but once upon a time she was a teenager and just as stubborn as Olivia.

"Now," the principle said shuffling some papers in front of him. "Let's get down to business." He looked at Rebecca and smiled before looking the paper work in front of him.

"Now are school rules are very specific when it comes to fighting and nonsense." The man paused and pinned his eyes on the girls standing nearby.

Rebecca wanted to laugh at the man sitting in front of her, but refrained from doing so. The man had a rather large stomach, hair coming out of his nose, and his left eyes twitched slightly.

"We try and keep a nice, comforting atmosphere for our students," he said continuing. "I like to be the peace keeper on this campus. Now if your girls can't follow the rules, which are clearly laid out in the handbook, then we will have to find another pathway to solve the problem."

"Excuse me," Rebecca said interrupting the principle. "I am sorry, but Olivia hasn't told me exactly what the fight was about, I think I might be more helpful if I knew what exactly was going on."

"I feel the same way," Gary added.

The principle started to speak, but then pinpointed his gaze on the girls in the corner. "Maybe they can tell you," he said frowning.

Olivia stepped up immediately and started to speak. "You see," she said frowning at her mother. "I was dating Ryan Peters, and then my friend over here," she paused and emphasized the word friend for affect. "Decided she wanted a chance with him, so she just stepped in and kissed him." Olivia turned to her friend behind her and gave her an evil look.

"Well, it's not my fault that Ryan wanted to be with me," Jill said stepping up next to her father. "I mean I am beautiful," she said superficially tossing a curl over her shoulder. She smiled down at her father, hoping to win him over, which most of the time worked in her favor, but not always.

Olivia gave her another glare and by the looks of things they were about to have another fight on there hands.

"Who is this Ryan," Rebecca asked turning back to look at the principle.

The man seemed to think about it before speaking. "Ah, yes Ryan Peters, one of our more popular young men. He plays sports, and always seems to have the ladies around him. He is usually a pretty good kid, but every once in awhile we have a situation like this one."

"So," Gary said leaning up in his chair slightly, his cowboy hat placed lightly on his knee. "What do you suggest we do?"

"Well," the principle said tapping his pencil on the desk. "I suggest a week of detention, and apologizes be said between the girls."

"Sounds good," Rebecca said quickly, before either one of the girls could protest, they both just sat there with their mouths open.

Rebecca turned to Gary and when he nodded his head in approval, she turned to look at the principle again. "Well, I guess that covers it then. If you would excuse me I must get to work before they fire me."

"Yes," Gary said standing up. "I must also be going." He took his hat and placed it firmly on his head before turning to his daughter. "I will see you tonight," he said kissing her forehead.

"But Dad," she protested. She stopped in mid sentence when she saw the stern look in his eyes.

"Be good," he whispered walking towards the door and waiting for Rebecca. She quickly picked up her bags and stepped out of the door, but no before saying goodbye to Olivia.

"It was nice meeting you," Gary said in a southern drawl. It was funny how she hadn't noticed the accent till just now. Gary held out his hand and Rebecca shook it within in her own for several seconds.

"The pleasure if mine," she said smiling. "I just wish it was under better circumstances than these."

"Yeah," he replied holding open the door for her. "Maybe we will see each other again," he said stepping into the sun. "But under better circumstances," he added smiling.

"Yes," Rebecca replied.


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