Maybe I don't even want to know.
Everything aggracates me these days
I'm perfectly happy for a few peaceful minutes
An enraged hurricane of emotion is born the next.
Soon I become more hyper than a freshman wired on Mountain Dew and
well, then I don't care about anything because I'm absolutely ecstatic.
Once it reaches that level, I find the smallest grin stupid
uncalled for...
and they're laughing at me.
I hate them.
What if my emo-ess or my ugliness or sheer awkwardnessis making them laugh?
They have no right.
Actually, I'm the one who has the right to laugh at them.
They're insecure preppy minions, living up to every American stereotype,
I'm better than them.
I wish they'd just shut their fucking mouths.
Apathy--I don't care I don't care
Who cares?
Nobody cares. And that is why I'm alone.
Alone. Nobody's listening.
I swallow the word and it forces me to weep
thinking about how entirely


I am.