I get where you're going
but I don't wanna go there
I refuse to follow any insignificant,
useless stalkeriffic freshman
down any path.
Don't be sad--it's not only you.
Then again, you were the trough,
the most pathetic trough of a wave of guys
you made me realize my absolute, unstretchable limits
you made me know what I want,
I guess.

You sincerely think you have a chance with me???
That's great and all...
and I hate to slash your hopes and dreams
the only slight chance you have at anything is maybe
stealing the role of the Cheshire Cat in some messed-up play--
no, not even that--
just a random, queer little kitten
because of your strange round kitten face.
Sucks for you, but I would honestly never consider letting you in.

You say it's odd--
this is the first time you've ever felt "this way."
Great pick-up line, especially coming from a tasteless guy.
I'm so "buetiful" and "sweat"
please learn to spell, for God's sake, you sound dumb.
I despise dumb guys.
I sometimes strongly dislike naive ones, too.
Get a clue, for your own pride's well-being,
maybe a hairbrush, too...
Not that I hate you or anything;
you're nota bad person. But you are clingy
and rather obscure.
I've analyzed, and the end results of my observations tell me
that you and I will NEVER ever be
simply because it's way worse than an overly obvious set-up
in the corny 'freshman's first girlfriend' sort of way.

There's so much I want to say, but I can only say so much in only a few more lines.
The lightbulb went on and although your antics make me nauseous
I came to a nirvana-esque resolution...
not just because of you, but because of
Jackass # 1 as well. And my son. Tyler, too.
Younger guys can't handle the pressure so why go to them?
I was blind before. Now, I KNOW--
I actually crave someone relatively my own age.
Why do I keep sinking myself below my worth?