Awkwardly enough, the tables turned.
Now it is not I, but it's you who stares, mouth open.
No, it's not middle school anymore
I know. God, I KNOW I've grown up.
I started wearing makeup, yeah.
Yes, now I'm an emo kid
sitting in the corner
...maybe crying during study hall...
at Deep Run
(aka The Preppiest School In The County)
because the soothing stream of words flowing from a digital device--
a sad replacement for live music...
Azure Ray, yeah, their melodic poems bring out my emotions
theyshoots straight through my eyes,
a feat that perhaps only a moving, fluid flute solo by the first chair flutist
or a hauntingly beautiful picturesque view of the mountains could achieve.
Okay, I'll admit I'm thinner.
Ilost the glasses
and okay, harsh, but I got a style.
But this was the girl who liked you all along
three years and I was a nobody
one hour--one minute and I'm a somebody.
You dare yourself to sit near me, figure out where I went right.
Speak to me? I dare you.
You've not changed, and I'm the same mostly.
I've only grown.
I'm like the disguised Jesus in all those stories, I guess.
I was Jesus in the form of a hobo.
Only when I stopped the act did you recognize me, maybe even appreciate me.
No, it's not middle school anymore
but I've come to separate the shallow ones from the respectable
and sadly, dear, you're not the latter.