Christmas is beast
just like you
I swear on my own chouette-ness that you're the coolest.
From awkward Pokemon moments...
"Pikachu parle japonais toujours
avec Ash
a Pallet Town
parce qu'ils aiment voyager
avec Pokemon japonais." the non-British, white McCaulay...
"McCaulay Culkin can't do a British accent--
he's WHITE!
I mean American...
MY BAD."'s been a totally awkward year.
How, though, would have been able to cope
without an excellent ex-lover right beside me?
Tu es une fajita et je t'aime!
Emo kid through and through
heart made of blood, guts, and pure emotion
you ketchup-hating, non-white sock wearing,
world-altering Mexican.
If ever you feel need for a good wrist-slicing,
dial me up
and I shall remindeth thee in Olde English
that if it wasn't for you moving to this sad wasteland from
Florida Fabulous and altering yuppie Short Pump,
then there would be at least one less emo kid inle monde.