There's a man that always watches me. I've caught Him in restaurants, on walks, and most recently at school. Before I used to see Him dressed up, but He's mostly in a plain gray janitorial uniform at school.

I asked the teacher what His name was once after class, but the teacher said there wasn't anyone else in the room. He was wrong, because the strange man was leaning against the desk right next to the teacher. His snowy blue eyes traced up and down me, and He cast me a fanged smirk.

He's fairly hard to miss, and only I can see Him all the time. Sometimes my friend Eden will catch a glimpse of Him, and I only know she does because she can describe every memorable feature of His visage.

Eden can see those fogged-up blue eyes piercing through me. She's seen those fangs of His that curl over His caramel stained lips. Eden's even pointed out the flawlessness of his face and hands. He hands bare long nails that are jagged like a razorblades, and Eden's pointed that out, too.

She and I have caught glimpses of the horns that pierce through the top of His hats when he wears them, piercing in just the same manner His pointed ears cut through his long blonde hair. And neither of us has ever missed his spiked lizard-like tail that flicks menacingly if we stare at him for too long.

Yes, the man that watches me is very hard to miss. I don't know why only we see Him, but I think it's because He lets us.

"Is He still watching?" questions Eden as she runs her hands through her black and red pigtails.

I merely nod at her and take a bite of my sandwich. "When doesn't He?"

"I dunno, Lucian. Soon, I hope. … Are you going to eat all of that?" Her black eyes meet mine, and knowing that she always steals my sandwich if I don't just hand it over, I take another bite and give it to her.

"I turn eighteen Saturday," I remind her blankly. Eden looks at me questioningly, so I continue. "I wanted to have a birthday party."

"I don't go anywhere near people except school, and I only talk to you. Why would I go?" She has a blank, serious expression as she takes a bite out of the commandeered sandwich.

"It'll juts be me and you. I don't know anyone else that I'm on speaking terms with that would go," I say. I don't pity myself. I couldn't if I wanted to. I don't actually feel emotions, hard as that is for most to understand. I'm perfectly fine with the knowledge that Eden is my one and only 'friend'.

She looks up and gives a melodramatic sigh as always. I ignore her sigh as I inspect the black lipstick that's stained her sandwich. It can't taste good. I should know. I've kissed Eden before, and her lipstick tastes like charcoal. It kind of looks like charcoal, too. Maybe it is charcoal.

"You can't have the sandwich back," she informs me after I've stared for too long. I'm tempted to inform her that her lipstick could ruin anyone's appetite, but I don't. I don't want to risk upsetting her, since I have little to no knowledge of the levels of anger. I'm only aware of the physical traits of someone who's experiencing it.

"I suppose I can come, even if I know He'll be there. Maybe we can try to talk to Him again."

"He doesn't like you," I inform her calmly. "So He'll probably never talk to you. I can't get Him to talk to me even."

"Have you ever asked Him anything before?" She ponders, looking at me with a still blank expression. I guess my 'personality' rubs off on her after awhile.

"No, I haven't."

"Well, then, you should," she says, taking another bite of the sandwich and swallowing it before she continues. I briefly feel myself sicken again, but I still say nothing. "Maybe He needs some coaxing."

"Nobody coaxes a stalker," I say idly, glancing up to notice his tail flick in warning. "I don't think He likes this conversation, Eden."

"Alright, Lucian, but I'm pretty sure He just didn't like being called a stalker." The bell rings, and so Eden gets up with the same, dull expression. "Off to history class, the boring thing that still puts more feelings into something than you."

"Woo," I say in just as dull a tone as her expression. "You've just wasted a perfectly good sandwich."

"There's still some left if you want to take it to class," she says, dangling it over the trash.

"Something that's touched your lips isn't worth a detention."

Her expression briefly flashes irritation, and she throws the sandwich in the trash. "Then you aren't worth a detention, so I'm off to class."

"Have fun," I say as monotonous as ever. She storms out of the lunchroom. I cast a quick look to the man that watches me and give a sigh. "Looks like it's just me and you for my birthday again."

The kid behind me punches me in the arm, and I turn to look at him. I get hit a lot. The boy that hit me is named Ari. He hits me almost hourly.

"What'd I tell ya about talkin' to yourself, freak? Nobody would ever go to your house. Not even Lil Miss Trashy Goth or your imaginary friend. Understand that?"

I look over to see that He's irritated again, but I can tell it's only because He was called imaginary. He likes seeing me get hit. I just like making sure He's not upset with me.

"He's not imaginary, Ari," I say calmly. "You're wrong." Ari's fist connects with my face almost instantly. I've always had a small build, and so it only takes Ari's second punch before I hit the floor. The tiles of the floor collide with my back and I wince. I'm capable of recognizing pain.

My back is still sore from yesterday when Ari slammed me against one of the rough cement support beams outside the school. I sputter as I move to my knees. Ari grabs my chin so hard I think my jaw is going to crack.

"Don't back talk me, fuckface, or I'll be forced to report your insanity to my father, and he'll kick you out of this school." Ari always threatens to tell his father I'm crazy, and I know it's to try and scare me into not tattling on him. I don't intend to tattle on him anyways, but if it makes him happy then so be it.

"I'm going to be late," I choke out as he grabs my arm and forces me to my feet. He gives a snort and pushes me into the glass door of the cafeteria. The glass is thick, so I just bounce off of it and hit the floor.

Ari walks past me, and I don't get up. My back hurts too much for me to stand right now.

He stands next to me as I try and stand up. He doesn't help me. He never helps me. I don't even know if he can touch me. He just smiles wickedly. The man that watches me always smiles at my pain.

Author's Notes: Okay so there's my first chapter. Just a little bit of character introductions. If anyone decides to ask, no Lucian is not human.I just figured I'd share that. If you didn't understand my emotion-less rambles… he's basically saying that he can't feel anything emotionally. Which isn't true. He can just not on his own. That's why his emptiness fills into those near him that he knows, such as Eden. So yeah.