Sodomizing the Devil's Son
Chapter Eight: Beat the Melody

Torp rocks her hips back and forth to the beat of music I can't hear as she sits on the end of the lake she refers to as a bath and her bedroom alike. Her hands are stretched above her head, and she's got a wide smile across her face. The sound of Lace screaming fills the entire castle. I've been here for a week now. This is the first time I've ever heard Lace scream. I want to know why he's screaming.

The mermaid spins to slap her tail against the water, a wave of water splashing over me as she suddenly begins to sing. I feel the water suck into my lungs, but I do nothing.

I can't manage to even move.

"Can you hear the melody? A screaming boy does lie! His innocence was never there. He fell but didn't die. A punishment was made for him. He walks on his two feet. Because God said angels aren't to walk. He disobeyed and danced about, but he fell to the ground. Master Sangler roughs him up. He's bound to be unbound!" She whips around and dives into the water, pulling her arms around my neck and pushing me under the surface. I can barely hear her singing now, but somehow as soon as she dips her head under the water her voice echoes through the entire pool. She isn't singing anymore, though. She's humming.

I stare at her, feeling my lungs tighten. It hurts, but I'm not fighting for air. I don't have the ability to care. I've found I only experience feelings around Lace and Sangler. I am woozy. The lights above the water make mirages before my eyes as Torp presses her lips against my ear. "Can you hear the angels screaming? Singing isn't welcomed here."

A sea of black hair washes over my face as Torp pulls me up to the surface, her eyes glistening as if she's got some dirty secret she can't wait to share. My body heaves and I cling to her as the water she caused to run down my throat comes back upwards, and she holds me as I sputter, running her scaly fingers up and down my back. I'm a harp and she's a great musician. She begins humming again in correspondence to her finger's movements. "Lucian, why don't you scream like other little angels do when pushed under the water? Mirage and Lace will scream. Perhaps you're smart. Do you not think I'll kill you? I would kill you. Then Lace wouldn't be in need of being killed anymore. Tell me, boy, do you like knowing that you're going to be the cause of his death? Master Sangler says Lace must leave us because he can only have one male with an angel's blood within them. You are a child of Lucifer. Lace is a child of Archangel Michael. He is the son of a warrior, and you the son of a vehement lawyer. A bad lawyer, apparently, as if he hadn't questioned the judge he wouldn't be in the predicament is his now, would he?"

I gasp and rest my head on her shoulder. The lights are dancing against the ballroom of water to the beat of Torp's tapping on the strings of my back. "Have you ever asked Lace why it is he's here? Hm? Obviously, he isn't here for his fighting skills; Michael was only slightly disappointed from what Mirage did say. Lace-y darling was one of the bound near God's throne, just like your father once was. His feet and face were always bound. He was told he could never walk, but walk he did. He moved from his bondage, and God cast him down. He's a very Sangler-like man, isn't He, God? 'Don't move from your bondage, pets, and you will be considered obedient, but disobey and you will be punished, because I love you. I know what's best for you.' God is a pervert, my sweet. It's no question why Master Sangler agrees with your father on the whole matter of God."

She nuzzles into my cheek, and I'm calm now. I let Torp's words soak into my skin. She turns me to be lying pressed against the edge of the bath and begins to scrub my hair. Her fingers move in small, comfortable circles that my skin welcomes. Sangler made me His pet again last night. He's taken to doing that. Lace plays with Sangler in the mornings, and eats breakfast with Sangler while Mirage has me in the kitchens scrubbing pans. Then Lace spends the day training me on the likes and dislikes of Him. I listen to him calmly, and do everything I'm asked.

I haven't seen the black-robed figure or the dinner guests from a week ago. They seem to have just disappeared. I wonder if they really were there at all, or if I was just dreaming from all the blood loss. I can't be sure. It seemed real enough to me. I woke with tears down my cheeks. I don't know why I would cry in my sleep. I don't really know why I would cry at all. Who's to say why anyone does anything, though? I certainly am not of liberty to make such a decision. I don't understand my body sometimes.

I don't understand why it reacts how it does whenever Lace or Master walk into the room and run their hands down me. I don't understand why my legs shake when their lips meet mine, or whenever they whisper something gentle and it glides across my skin.

I don't understand any of it, but I'm already used to it after a week. I think I might cry if it ended. Yes, I think that would make me cry. I'm not entirely sure though. Perhaps, just perhaps, I will never know for sure.

Another scream ripples through the castle walls and I tense at the sound of Lace's voice. He sounds happy and in pain at the same time. I turn to look at Torp and she smiles at me, running her fingers still in calming circles through my hair. "Under," she commands lightly, and I go back under the water to allow her to wash the soap out of my hair. When I come up, she swims away towards the other end of the pool. "It leaves here, you know," she suddenly says as if I'm supposed to be sure what she's talking about.

I watch the sparkles dance across the surface again before looking up at her. "What leaves here?" Monotonous. My voice sounds hallow, and it is hallow. There's no emotion to put behind it. She doesn't answer, and so I ask her again. She remains quiet for awhile, running the fins on her outer wrists across the water and causes a ripple in the surface.

"Can a person escape the world they become accustomed to, Lucian? Tell me this, for truly do I wish to know the answer. Perhaps they can, but even still, they must become accustomed to something entirely different to leave it. This pool, if you dive deep enough its source is a river that rushes through a half-underground cavern that slants upwards and when you swim far enough – it's not too far – you can go out into the ocean. That's how I found this place. I used to come here as a little girl. My mother said I should never come here. I did anyways. I swam here often, with friends sometimes, too. Master would talk to me. He was little then, too. Just a little boy and a little girl talking, but little boys grow up and they grow mean. Just like angels fall from heaven and they scream."

I look at her and climb out of the water, my bath long since over. I stretch and kick my feet in the manner she had been previously swatting her tail about. "Do you think one day the water will rise up through this hole and fill the whole castle?" She giggles and tilts her head to the side, and doesn't say anything. "Do you? Why would you come back here anyways?"

She giggles and her gray skin glistens slightly as she swims forward and pulls me down into the water again. "Beauty is a driving force for creatures that have knowledge of what beauty is, and all, in some sense of the word, do. A lion with a black mane is far less likely to get a mate than one with a mane of fire orange. It is similar, this driving force that brings me here. I find the atmosphere to hold a sense of primal beauty unlike the other worlds above the water. This world is special to me. I can see any stretch of the ocean I desire, so why should I desire to see it? Water is water to me, and a fish is like a tree, repetitive. Alas, I do not crave the fish but I do crave strange creatures with pretty faces like my own. I crave the creatures with two legs, which feel pains I did not know and speak of pleasure without words. Beauty is within this place, because there are great pains here from pretty beasts and sinners. That is why I swim here, Lucian."

I nod at her as she rests her face upon my shoulder. It is slick but when she moves it sticks a little against my flesh. I reach out and put a hand on her cheek, letting myself feel the strange texture of her skin. I'm not sure why I am, but I haven't felt anything like it before. Her skin clings to my fingers. She gives a little laugh when I pull a finger away and it makes her cheek shake before her skin frees me. She pulls off of me, and I don't feel anything. "The ceremony is today, little Lucian."

"Ceremony?" I lift my face to look at her, but she swims underneath the water. I call out to her, but she does not answer. I pull myself under the water and try to swim after her. My ears pop and I open my eyes under the water but the salt makes them burn. I close them again and keep swimming. My lungs feel tight and dry.

My fingers pull along the slick rock walls. I try and follow her. I don't see anything wrong with searching for a mermaid. I feel pressure on my back as I'm guided backwards. It is not until I reach the surface that I open my eyes. Mirage is there, and she's breathing deep. I suck in a deep breath, but it hurts and I begin coughing. Water sprays out from between my lips. Mirage hits my back gently and I look up at her.

Her hair spreads out against the water and she sucks in a deep breath before pulling me towards the edge. "You shouldn't chase mermaids in the direction of endless waters." I nod and she points at the edge of the water. Mirage pulls me up and out of the water, and I follow with my legs shaking. She pulls me over to a shelf and tells me to dress myself, and I do.

"Lucian," arises the echo of Torp's voice from beneath the water. Her hands peek up and her fins flex up and down as she reaches towards me. I pull on a pair of pants that cling to my skin like Torp's skin had done. "Lucian, they're hurting me!" I look at the water, but I feel no drive to do anything. Mirage tosses a rock into the water and Torp falls silent.

"Torpedo, stay silent! I will not permit you to drown Master's new pet. I love my brother as well, but I shall not permit it." Mirage pulls her arms around my waist. I can hear Lace shriek again in the distance.

Torp raises her head and sets it on a rock, looking up at Mirage with a scoff. Her arms stretch out towards us as her tail fin slaps the top of the water violently. "You would rather have Lace die for a stupid boy who could not care less whether I drown him? Do you prefer the ceremony above this worthless little doll? Mirage, this is not like you. You are not an obedient child; do not begin to act as such now. Perhaps your brother's death is taking its toll upon your spirit, but you are a fighter and expect more of you!"

Mirage hisses out something unintelligible and pulls me from the room. Her hand is at the small of my back as she slams the large wooden door behind us. I lift my face to see that she is crying. I reach out a hand to wipe at her tears, but she jerks away. "Don't you dare." I don't. She grabs my wrist and harshly pulls me down the hall way. "My tears are your entire fault. Torp is right. You ought to be killed."


"Master does not want Lace any more. Perhaps next He shall discard of me, and I do not know why He loves you so. Torp is right. You do nothing and perhaps that is why He loves you, but He does not show us the love He shows to you anymore. He left to watch you. What is it that drives Him towards you?" Her eyes glisten as she turns towards me, but I don't answer. I don't know what caused Master Sangler to follow me for years. I do not know why I am even here, but I am.

"Mirage!" shouts Master Sangler. The muscles even in her fingers tighten against my back. Master Sangler comes storming into the stone hall. His long blonde hair flies upwards as those piercing blue eyes cut through my stomach and upwards before reaching Mirage. His expression is that of fury, and His demeanor is no different. His spiked tail crashes sideways into the wall as He looks at her. "Where is she? She is late again!"

"Master, she promised that she would come," Mirage answers curtly, bowing her head. She really is behaving quite more obediently than I have ever seen her before. She hides her smirk beneath her hair, however, and I am not sure why she is smirking if she is being obedient. Her muscles speak of fear against my own. I would question her, but I have learned that I am not to speak up in front of Him without permission. I do not.

Master Sangler's tail flickers with the anger I am sure He is feeling. He lets a hiss escape His lips as He smacks the wall again. The caramel tone of His skin glistens a little in the candlelight that decorates the walls. The stones are the only thing that remains still under His ice cold stare. The fire flickers as if it will die. The very air itself does shake beneath His stare. I do not know what to do, so I follow Mirage's lead and bow my head before Him.

"What is he doing in the hall?" He questions, letting His tongue tick against the roof of His mouth. When His mouth opens again, His fangs are showing. "I told Torp that he was to remain in the bathhouse this morning."

"Torp tried to kill him, Master Sangler," Mirage lets out quietly. She sounds almost pathetic right now. This isn't the Mirage I have become accustomed to at all. It is bizarre to me that she should choose to change her personality like this upon the drop of a dime. "She needs to be punished."

"I decide who needs to be punished," He growls out. His eyes barrel down against me, and I feel weak. Master Sangler reaches out to grab me firmly around the wrist. He casts a look to Mirage that is clearly unhappy. "I will see that he is punished like the disobedient rodent he is, and the same for Torp. As for you, I want the kitchen spotless when I come in there! If she manages to arrive, the rotten bitch, tell her that I am in my quarters."

Mirage stumbles as He sends the back of His hand into contact with her cheek. She stumbles a little and hits the ground. His tails curls around me, the spikes laying flat and shaking against my skin. My breath hitches in my throat. I don't know why my body reacts to Him. He puts a hand upon my shoulder and pushes me forward roughly.

"Crawl there like a dog, Lucian." I've taken to Lace's orders, and I don't question when I'm given orders like this any more. I lower myself to my hands and knees. I stare down at the tiles. The floors here are always cold to the touch, but they smell nice. That's probably because someone cleans them daily. I help by cleaning the kitchen up. Mirage has my job now. I wonder what I'll do when Master is done with me.

I listen to His footsteps, just slightly ahead of me. His tail whisks just barely over my head. I do my best to keep up, but each time I slow down He delivers a light smack to the back of my thigh, avoiding using the spikes. I think that's because these pants are really tight on me. They might rip really easily. I'm very uncomfortable in them. That's the point of just about everything in this place.

This castle is surreal to me. Mythical beasts and strange devices, and pleasures I've never indulged in before as I had no real understanding that I even could feel pleasure. I don't demand it. I don't even ask. I'm just given it. I don't believe it's a sin to do as you're told, because if it is then God has made many mistakes on the subject of banishment. I don't think God can make a mistake, so that wouldn't make sense, so I must not be sinning. If I was sinning, my father could take over my mind if he wanted to. He can't do that, and if he can he hasn't.

A smack to my bottom makes me squeak as the spike jabs a little through the pant leg to catch me awkwardly. I speed up, but when I start to move a little ahead of Him, His tail comes down into direct contact with the side of my face. I stall, and He smacks me from behind again. I try to keep a reasonable speed, but I'm not used to crawling and it's hard. He doesn't seem to care. He can be as cold I can. I am clueless as to whether that is beneficiary to me or not.

Master Sangler throws open the door to His personal quarters. Lace is lying in the bed looking half dead. I feel a little sad as soon as I see him. The angel groans as if he's in pain and buries his face in a pillow. Master Sangler grips my wrist and pulls me over to Lace. "Lace, your pupil has disobeyed me!"

"Master," he whines out, letting his eyes open wide. His wings drop a little as he holds out his arms. "I'm sorry, Master." Master Sangler doesn't look happy. He curls His tail in my hair and pulls me to my feet. I wince as I'm pulled upwards, but I don't fight it. I've learned that it's pointless to fight.

Lace crawls over on the bed to me and I notice that his white wings are bloody just like my father's always are. There are whole patches of feathers missing and I can see bone. He tilts his head forward so that our noses touch, and he pouts. "Bad Lucian," he whispers before tilting back and smacking me hard across the face.

Master Sangler drops me and takes a seat upon the bed with His bed, crossing His arms behind His head coolly. "Punish the little mutt," He declares as if He's bored. "I don't think you can take any more abuse right now."

Lace nods his head and his green hair falls into those vibrant red eyes. I don't move as he walks towards me. His legs are shaking and there's claw marks on his thighs. He tilts forward at my look and then kicks me hard in the arm so that I fall forward. My chin smacks with the stone floor before his foot comes into contact with the back of my shoulder blade. He's pressing me down hard into the floor and I let out a groan of pain. "Don't you dare lift your eyes to your trainer, you little runt." Lace sounds like he's actually angry at me. He's been sounding that way for awhile now.

The angel boy kicks me over onto my side and then instructs me to follow him. I do just that, feeling tears biting at the back of my eyes. I don't want Lace mad at me. I want to know why I feel these emotions around Master and Lace. It doesn't make sense to me. I can't understand any of this. Someone needs to explain what's going on to me. I don't understand why any of this just doesn't seem real. None of it seems real at all.

Before I know it my clothes are missing as metal handcuffs attach to my feet that are much too small. The pressure against my ankles makes me feel miserable, but for some reason I'm breathing hard as Lace breaks a harsh kiss to dig his teeth deep into my bottom him. He pulls back far enough that Master laughs from the bed. I taste blood when I get my lip back in my control, but I lose the control of my arms which are handcuffed between my legs to the chain connecting the handcuffs on my feet. Lace pulls a series of leather straps beneath me and literally suspends my torso mid-air, from the now familiar hooks in the ceiling in ever room of this place, with just my toes holding up my legs. There's strain in the muscles in my legs from this position.

Lace's hands slide up and down my bare thighs, and he turns to motion at me. Master Sangler rises from the bed, and He walks over to Lace. Lace patiently undresses our Master. Master Sangler disappears from my fixed few of the wall by one strap wrapped around my head and holding it upwards. I have to tilt my head back to my mouth open, which is exactly what Lace makes me do before asking permission from our Master. Master Sangler allows him to, and it's only moments before I feel Lace's organ pushed past my lips.

Even with the short time I've spent here, I instantly begin to move my tongue against him as best I can. He's in complete charge of movements outside of me sucking hard against him. Lace lets out a moan as Master Sangler returns to smack Lace from behind. Lace groans out really loud, and I can't see what's happening, but I catch on by the fact that Master Sangler hisses something about how He's going to finish with Lace and then fuck me until I bleed.

I see Master Sangler bite down on the back of Lace's shoulder. Lace groans out in pain and pleasure, and his body makes sharp movements. I can see the muscles in his chest ripple as his thrusts consume his entire body. It doesn't take long before the bad taste of Lace's release hits the roof of my mouth, and I gag. Master Sangler comes into view, and He doesn't appear to be satisfied at all from the waist down but He's got a wicked grin on His face.

His tail whips out to spike Lace hard on the thigh, and He tells Lace sternly to climb into the bed. Lace follows in instructs and climbs into the bed, but Master Sangler climbs behind me. He gives me no warning before thrusting inside me from behind, and I let out a light scream. I wasn't ready for that at all. Master Sangler stays in, groaning that I'd better relax before He does something really mean. He starts to rub my shoulder blades, though, and I manage to calm myself just slightly before He moves from inside me and I groan out again. He continues to do this until I let out a scream. I know I'm crying right now. This hurts a lot, but Master Sangler is happy. I'm supposed to make Master Sangler happy. Because it makes Lace happy, I don't care that this hurts so bad. After awhile, it doesn't hurt as much, anyways. In fact, I think I like it.

Master Sangler pulls free of me, and He let's me down. I hit the floor, too weak to move, and He personally drops me into the bed. I curl up against Lace, and Lace doesn't complain because he clings me to me just as tightly. I don't think Lace is mad anymore. He's nuzzling me like a cat does and he's kissing my cheek gently. Master Sangler returns His clothes, and He turns his head to me with a laugh. "Why, Lucian, I do believe you're bleeding."

I let out a sob, and Master Sangler grins before standing next to the bed. He tilts my head towards Him with His tail, and He looks calm. "Lucian, now, now, there's no need to cry. That was very light compared to the things you'll experience here. Are you tired?" I nod, not exactly sure what I am right now, but I assume that if He thinks I'm tired then I must be tired.

Master Sangler covers us both with a blanket, and He turns to leave the room. As soon as He opens the door, Mirage is standing right there. I turn my head to see a figure in black robes standing next to her. The black robed creature was real after all. Lace quietly snaps my head back in his direction as he gives me a series of loving kisses that make me not care anymore. I can feel his tears against my cheekbones, and they make me sob more.

"So you have finally arrived. The ceremony may begin."

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