My Extraordinary

For years, or is it four years,
I've been searching, thinking
(drinking) about what could make
me that extra-extra-ordinary
talentful person everybody else is
'cause I don't want to end up
just another Plain Jane(lle),
I'd like to be, if it's possible,
if it's just probably, a ballerina
but I never took ballet,
does that matter (anymore)
when I was a baby, I'd dance
in those pink tutus and shoes
and I'd like to play piano
but I never took any lessons
so my extraordinariness is lost,
maybe I could be a singer
if only I could find my voice
and I'd sing about all of those
Plain Jane(lle)s that been looking
for the something-special-in-me
and now it's been four years,
for years, I've been trying to find
that talent that would be mine
but those guitar strings
mean nothing to me because
I never knew how to read the notes
and I used to write (like this)
but even the doctor has been asking
why, why, why do you try
when your extra-extra-ordinary
is just ordinary, talentless,
but guess what, teacher, teacher,
that Plain Jane(lle) is standing,
(she's dancing, she's singing,
she's playing, she's rocking,
she's writing, she's drawing,)
and I found my extraordinary.

Author's Note: And yes, my name is Janelle.