"He Doesnt Remember" By Cassandra Freiborg 12/15/05

He doesnt remember me anymore,
cannot recall my name.
He does not recall my smile,
or from whence I came.
And he will never remember,
the way we held hands,
the way he looked at me,
when this all began.
He smokes away his memories,
gives them no second thought,
He says he'll just make new ones,
to replace the ones hes lost.
So carefree and distanced,
behind so many walls,
That I can barely hear,
his faint and distant calls.
I want so bad to ask him,
why he hides from me,
and why cant you just be yourself,
when you're around me.
Because when other people are around,
you changes faces oh so quickly,
and Im left confused,
about who you're supposed to be.
Two faces will never help you,
you cannot hide forever,
one day Ill bring down your walls,
and show you that Ill never,
hurt you.