I want 'I love you' for Christmas

All I want for Christmas is a word, a hug, a kiss

From those I know who love me,

And those I wish they did.

Presents and materials are very nice,

It's true,

But I'm never better grateful

When I hear an 'I love you.'

Those simple words astonish me

And make me feel so great.

They're better than acting kind,

Or laying junk food on my plate.

They give me the warmth deep inside

Of hot water in the shower,

And always, always mean the most

When they're from your heart's deep power.

A hug to me is comfort.

A kiss, I may say, nice,

But seeing you and knowing you

Are all I could ever want to do.

For Christmas is for giving,

And though we like the gifts,

The thing that really matters most

Is 'I love you' from your lips.