Title: Complicated

Author: Xtreme17nc13

Disclaimer: Don't need one! It's all mine! Bwahahaha!

Summary: Andrew has been through a lot in his life and is the happiest person alive when Salice comes along. Then someone else enters the picture and things just get more complicated for him. Will have Slash, which is boy-on-boy. Don't like? Don't read!

Warnings For This Chapter: Language and Sexual References


Chapter I

October 4, 2005

Waiting for the bus is the longest wait ever, but that's what you have to do when you live out in the middle of fucking nowhere. Wait, just wait. Wait for the bus, wait for someone to pick you up, wait for that one girl to finally notice you. Yep, waiting is a bitch.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, I saw the bus about a mile or two down the road.. No more waiting out in the chilly October air, that was a good thing. The drawback was going back to Hell. Fisher High School is what I call Hell. The school is just fucking retarded. Our mascot is the Bunnies. Come on, the Bunnies! Yeah, I'm sure we strike fear into the hearts of other schools.

I snapped my journal closed as the bus drew closer. Like I'd ever let anyone see what I had written in there. I would probably get expelled for the multiple death threats against select students and bomb threats towards the school. Yep, definitely expulsion material in there.

The bus stopped in front of me and the doors opened. I adjusted the books in my hands and got on. I found a seat in the back and sat down. I tend to keep to myself. In my opinion, I don't need to talk unless asked a direct question. I barely even answer those. It's not that I hate people, I really don't. I just see no point in answering stupid questions.

I was kind of in a daze when we came to the next few stops. I don't really remember stopping at all. It was probably the most pleasant bus ride there had ever been. It made me feel odd. The day was going to smoothly so far. Something isn't right. Something was bound to go wrong. I just couldn't figure out what it was.

The bus stopped in front of my school, and I got off. I walked over to a stone bench and sat down. People were all around me, but I tuned them out. I couldn't really block out the giggling cheerleaders, then again, I really didn't want to. I love hearing her laugh. If angels laughed, that's what I imagine they would sound like.

I looked up and looked for the wavy brown hair that was so familiar to me. Yep, she's laughing at something Tamara said. I still don't understand how Tamara Rice became the head cheerleader. Salice is so much prettier, smarter, athletic, just... "Perfect." The word was barely more than a whisper but of course, someone heard me.

"Wow, fag-boy can talk!" Jake Gordon, quarterback of the football team, he just had to be the one that heard me. I had him on my Death-List. All forty-four rewrites of it, "So, fag-boy, what's so perfect? Were you talking about my ass? 'Cause, I know it's perfect but I don't think I like fags tainting my perfect body."

"God, could you be any more egotistical?" again, the statement was a mere whisper, but it seems that when I talk, the rest of the world stops to listen.

"Egotistical? What's that? Some weird word for 'hot'?" he looked around at his friends. I'm not sure if he was looking for a laugh (which he got) or a confirmation of what the word actually meant.

"Oh my god, Jake. 'Egotistical' was not some weird way of saying you're hot. It means you think you're better than other people and that the world revolves around you," she turned and looked at me with the prettiest smile I had ever seen. She could light up New York City during a blackout with those pearly whites, "Hi, I'm Salice Franzen. I'm not sure I know your name..." she put her hand out, waiting for me to shake it.

"Andrew Cofel," I mumbled and looked back down. This was not a time to get in conversation with her. I was to nervous. Nothing would turn out right. Please, Salice! Talk to me later, just don't do it now!

"Oh, well, hi Andrew. It was nice to meet you. Are you new here?" Salice smoothed her skirt down as she sat next to me. I think I'm going to have a heart attack.

"No, I've lived here since I was three."

"Really? I've never seen you before. Do we have any classes together?" she flipped her hair to the side, I think she was flirting with me. No, she can't be flirting with me. She's like the most popular girl in the school, I'm just a loner. I think I'm beginning to imagine things. Maybe I should see a doctor.

"Yeah. We've been in the same English class since Freshmen year," I didn't know I was that invisible. There's only like fifteen kids in our class.

"Oh, well I'll see you in Honors later then. Bye!" she got up and left. I'm sure that Jake and Tamara had a lot of questions for her, but I couldn't think about that right now. I got up and went into the school. I headed for my Study Hall and took out my journal. I had a new entry to make.


October 4, 2005 cont'd

Well, Salice talked to me this morning. It was really weird. I knew today was going to be weird. I knew it from the minute I stepped onto the bus. I have a feeling that the day is going to get weirder though. I'm not sure why, but I just know it's going to.

I really can't believe she didn't know we're in the same English class. We've been in Honors English since ninth grade, and this year we're even in Creative Writing. It's not like I've ever made myself known in the classes, but I'm the only reason she dosen't have the highest grades in those classes. The bell is about to ring, guess I'll write again later.

I heard the shrill ring and got up so I could head to English. I would get to see Salice again... Yay! I really need to stop obsessing over her like this. It's not natural. I climbed the center staircase and got to the second floor in record time. I saw Ms. Thomas waiting by her door like she always is.

I walked in the room and saw that Salice was already there. I figured I would have gotten there first today, but I was wrong. I was heading towards my usual seat in the back until I heard my name.

"Andrew! Sit over here," I could hear the smile in her voice and I couldn't help but grin. I turned around and set my books on the desk next to her. This was already my second favorite class, but I had a feeling it would be a lot better than it had ever been before, "So, I know we've never really talked before, but how are you?" she asked with genuine curiosity.

"I'm fine," I softly replied as I put everything but my notebook next to my feet.

"You should talk a little louder, people would respect you more," she observed after a moment.

I glared at her through narrowed eyes before I replied, "I don't feel the need to speak loudly. I say what I need to say without screaming. That's all I'm worried about."

"Oh, okay," Salice answered slowly, "You really would get more respect though. People think that you're this loser that they can push around."

"I really don't care what people think. I'm just trying to get through the day," I said just as softly as before.

"Okay, but I think you should take my advice. It really wou-"

"Okay, Class. Quiet down," Ms. Thomas announced as she walked into the room, "We have a pop-quiz today," a chorus of groans was heard throughout the room, "It's on chapter five in the book you all should have read. If you did your homework, this should really be no problem. Okay, everything away except for a pen or pencil."

Once everything was cleared away from the desks, Ms. Thomas passed out the quiz papers. I saw the questions, and it really was a breeze. Hell, I read the damn book back in fourth grade. I finished all thirty questions in ten minutes and walked up to Ms. Thomas' desk to hand it in.

"Andrew, glad to see you read the chapter. You really do have a knack for English," she told me with a small smile.

"Thank you," I mumbled back.

"Now, you and I both know that the missing project I assigned last month wasn't completed by you,"

"I'm sorry about that. I had a doctor's note..." I began.

"I'm aware of that. I also told you that you didn't need to make it up. I don't allow project make-ups. I do, however, allow you the chance to get the points needed through extra credit. Would you like a chance at some extra credit?"

Duh! See, stupid questions, "Yes, I would."

"I'm only going to offer you this one chance at extra credit. You can either take what I give you, or get a zero for the missing project. Do you still want to do it?" she was looking me straight in the eyes.

I had the feeling I wasn't going to like this extra credit, but I really needed it, "What is it?"

"I would like for you to tutor a student. He really needs a passing English grade to graduate, and he finally asked for some help. You're my best student, would you like to tutor him?"

"Yeah, no problem."

"Okay, if you back out of this, it's a zero."

"Who am I tutoring?"

"Jake Gordon."

"Right," I tried not to flinch when I heard the name, but I don't think I succeeded. I turned and left her desk. I passed Salice on the way. I had to tutor Jake. Jake Gordon. The one person that I hated more than anything.

'Why me? What the hell did I do to deserve this?' I silently asked myself. Then, I remembered. Yeah, I deserved it. But why me!?

I put my head down for the rest of the class and waited for the bell to ring. Once it did, I left to my next class. The day went by slow as hell and I didn't think it could get any worse. I walked into my last class of the day, Creative Writing, and I knew I was wrong.

Once again, Ms. Thomas stopped me so we could talk. It never used to bother me that I had my favorite teacher twice a day. Now I was beginning to hate it. I had to start tutoring Jake tomorrow. He was going to call me and let me know when and where. Yippy fucking skippy!


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