Angel cry
Angel cry
You asked the ghosts to comfort you
you cried upon their shoulders
You followed them through night and mist
You begged to know if they were sure
You listened to their stories and you listened to their songs
And when you understood the stars
You were gone

Angel cry
Angel cry
They wrapped their shrouds around you and
They wiped away your bitter tears
They showed you there was more to life
They took from you your deepest fears
They made you what you are and they taught you where to go
And as you watched the stars
They went far

Angel cry
Angel cry
I walk beside you now and
I show you where to go
I wrap my arms around you and
I hold you as the sun falls low
I give you all my loving and I give you all my dreams
And you are never happy because
I am what I seem

Angel cry
Angel cry

(A/n: Literally the product of a hallucination/dream. D; Studying for French DOES get results, even if they aren't the ones you wanted.)