Broken inside myself,

Where only dreams can see me.

Eat me alive,

So I can be in peace.

Eyes filled with tears,

Gleaming with sorrow,

Trying to hide from the darkness.

Reaching out for something that I cannot find.

Holding it all,

To be shattered again.

Shatter the Earth.

Call out,

And only find a fragmented echo as response.

I shudder.

To die is to die.

It ends the suffering.

To die is to die.

Something others don't believe.

Window explode,

Shattered pieces.

So many things, dying, deadened.

Dead soul.

Night, stare deep,

So you can see the agony in my eyes,

Smothered in black smoke and fog,

Strangulated by black spider webs,

That I cannot disentangle.

Would scream but you wouldn't hear me.

Waiting for your poisons to infect me.

Jagged thoughts,

Corroded at the edges.

Jaded, and shaken.


Bruises and cuts.

Hurt inside and out.

Blood running out of my arms and fingers.

Try to reach up to the sky.

You can't touch the stars...

Not when you're trapped,

Not whey you're suppressed,

Beneath dark, unrelenting demons.

Never to be released.