Fragile little pieces,
Pull them apart,
Rip and tear.
Tear down the sky,
Shedding pieces and thoughts.
Stars exploding in the fair-away heavens.
Mind so corrosive,
Ripping me apart,
Another deadly song crashing through my mind.
Make it go away.
And make someone come back.
Fear of being abandoned,
Left for dead.
Because I really am dead.
Dead in your eyes.
Tears held back.
But given over instead is destruction.
Lips forming the words of those speaking to me,
I'm afraid they don't exist,
For fear I am alone.
And yet I know they're not real.
Cover my ears and close my eyes.
I do not know whether I am alive or dead.
I simply know that I have been left,
My corpse, in seclusion, to rot.
Crying corpse.
We all die alone,
Locked up into the twisted black rooms of our minds,
Where the darkness and pain inside us lurks.
Then we pass.
In our own little dark rooms.