All I can say is, "w.t.f." because I have no idea what the hell I was thinking when I wrote this. Based on a tiny microscopic incident that I had, I don't why I thought it was worth thinking about, let alone writing a poem about it. So yes. A poem. Or something that could be classified as a poem if you don't mind crappy "poetry". Meh.

Give me your heart as you watch with sad eyes

I'm turning away and fixing my hair

And trying so desperately not to cry

When I turn back I just give you this stare

As if you know exactly what you've done

And you look regretful and you coax me

The battle has begun

And you're saying that you're sorry

You just try to make me smile, and I do

Goddammit, you succeed

In finally getting through

Which is exactly what we need

I brush my tears away

As we are moving up the line

I realize it's been such a long day

And you ask, "You want some fries?"

I answer and it seemed as though

Everything was once again alright

And all because you always know

Just how to make me smile bright

And beautiful as you always say

Although I rarely believe you

The words are nice and they make my day

Especially after the little troubles you put me through

As we walk outside into the freezing night and highway's glow

I begin to wish I had some sort of coat or a cloak

And then on the bus we eat together, you with your giant orange soda

And me with my small diet coke.