Poem: Totally mine. Don't steal. Please Review. n.n;;

Exploding Emotions

My emotions are all exploding, onto this paper now
I'm trying to control it, but I'm unable to somehow
My strength is getting weaker, my imagination stronger
My life is getting steeper, and my lifespan longer

But I'm not sure what to write about, so let me just think
Maybe I'll write about something blue, or maybe something pink
Maybe I'll write of an island, where people are not near
Or maybe I'll write about school, and why it reeks there

I'm not sure, so I'll just explode right here and there
Every word, from my mind, is coming out so scared;
They, here, there, them, all words I am using
Dream, wish, make, star, something I am stewing

Oh wait, I've got it, I'll write of a wish
And within that poem, will be a mystical kiss
"Words cannot explain how much that I feel for you,"
Oh yes, that's good, I will definitely use that line too!

So, here goes, I'm writing it down now
"The person of my dreams, I am living for you now"
Ah, another good line, I'll definitely use that
"But he has a habit of trying to steal my hat"

Haha, you need a funny line, and that one just fits
But hmm, what now? I'm running out of ideas quick
I'll think of something, just give it time
Oh wait, I know!... No, that doesn't rhyme.

These emotions were just exploding out of me,
But they went away, why can I not see?
I know what it is, this stupid writers block, of coarse
This really stinks, I was doing so well but now I'm hoarse.

Well, I'll try and do better next time,
Hopefully it'll let me have more rhyme;
But that's okay, I got quite a bit,
Now I guess it's time to quit.