Your hair lit up like fluorescent fire
extinguishing the air and leaving me
gasping, burning solely on desire
longing for you.
to be. (mine)
putting love light into my eyes
as I watch you grow into perfection
washing off all the little white lies
burning away all the imperfections
your mere touch sends sparks roaring into
my blood, sending sweet strands of surrender
into my bones, drowning them in a blaze
of passion red
rendering them into
(mercury liquid.)
I wonder if you can hear hearts drop as
You past by, as they fall towards
the ground
if you ever bothered
to look back you
would see hearts littered all around.
but you would never spare a glance
you're like an inferno,
in a rush waiting to
brush past paper hearts so
they can catch on
fire from your touch; pleasure personified
leaving a trace of smoke in your wake from
your fluorescent fire hair and the cigarette
between your fingers, and traces of ashes
from a silent chaotic disturbance.