Title Goes Here

another year passes
by, quickly as the color-
changing leaves,
dancing on a stage of air
except for that one
falling off, falling out,
going away from the other
high-up-there leaves
if only the spotlight never
joined those
kind of green, kind of brown
leaves, lifting up with the
mild breeze, then jumping down
now that the wind,
or is it still the breeze,
pulled the leaves
quietly into the drama,
risking everything that
should have been left
that way as
unusual places come from
vast dreams like those
willing leaves, just falling as
x marks the spot so why don't
you start counting down to
zero as this story ends here.

Author's Note: Another assignment for poetry- an ABC poem. The title is kind of just there because when I was writing the rough draft, I wrote "Title Goes Here" as a joke and well, it stuck. Tell me if I should change it or keep it. I have two weeks!