Author's Note: I haven't written poetry in a few months! I'm back! Hope you like my new poems! Please drop a comment! :)

Feeling Deep Inside

What should I do,

When times are rough.

When I know,

I have had enough.

There's a feeling deep inside,

That I know I can beleive.

And when I do listen

and when I do confide

It is then and only then,

That I will breathe a sigh of releif.

It's getting hard to tell,

The wrong thoughts from the right.

My thoughts of drowning myself in a well,

So very late at night.

Thanks to this feeling,

This which I have received.

Such horrid things I have imagined,

I will no longer conceive.

This feeling has destroyed the misery,

And the pain I have endured.

When the world is asleep so very late at night,

None of my thoughts and dreams will ever recur.

So whenever you think of me,

Just know that I am fine.

I want a happy and exciting life,

A life that I can be proud to call mine.