Author's Note: Here's a short Christmas poem I wrote. It's not much, but since the holidays are coming up I decided to write something!

The Season of Giving

I go to sleep with exciting thoughts

Of the man in the red suit.

He will soon be here to visit

All the boys and girls.

I have never seen this man before

But have heard many wonderful things.

He rides his sleigh,

From a town in the sky,

Delivering gifts to every good boy and girl.

He has nine reindeer and lots of elves

Who help him on his winter's journey

To give us all the gifts of our dreams.

His little elves working away

Every day of the year.

They do it all for one main reason.

To see the smiles on our faces

As we wake up the next morning.

Running down the stairs,

And into the room

Where our stockings hang.

We know he has been here.

And we smile a wide grin

With big sparkling eyes.

It is the best season of the year

Because it is the season of giving.