How do you justify,

how do you explain,

the pain, the terror

we do to ourselves,

we do to each other.

Nationalism, Patriotism,

striving to be the best –

as did Hitler, Stalin…

Kill the people, to beat the people.

Each speech

a war cry, a battle cry…

a child cries.

Orphaned and alone,

diseased and dying

because Man wants to be the best.

Only the best

when at our worst.

Kill, or be killed,

no longer a philosophy

but a practice, put into practice since

you have what I want.

Big scale, small scale,

doesn't matter,

the world stage

is right next door;

the same mantra lies.

Absurdity or it all;

Art of war, Rules of war

blood, guns, gore – death.

Give me freedom, or give me death,

a request easily granted,

even if it's not

agreed upon.

But greed,

and other deadly sins,

in the name of virtue

practice it, express this,

teach the young that

it's kill or be killed.

Think, question

all you are told.

How do you understand?

How do you see truth?