Sexual Tension

Does it feel right?
Does it feel right?
Rubbing up against her skin?
Loving her tight
Licking her lips
Brushing against her breasts
Holding her leg taut around you
Pulling up the clothing
Are you loving her right?

Are you sure it isn't the moment?
Are you sure it's not the lust?
You know she loves you,
You know she does
Is it gonna risk it all?
It's it gonna fake this love?
Don't let it ruin it,
Don't roll the dice and bet it all
Just on this moment,
Just on this lust,
You gotta have the love,
Gotta feel the spark
But I do, I do,
There's spark, there's spark
Don't fake it, keep this existent
You have to have the lust within the love
Like the little girl loves her teddy bear,
It can't be like her love for the doll
Because that changes every week
Make your love like the teddy bear
Make it last, make it last
Desire within the love

But you do, yeah you do,
It's lust with the loveLove
Then comes the sexual tension